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Steampunk Tag with Mitform Castings, Lindy's Squirts and Tim Holtz Paper Doll

Recently I was lucky (so so lucky) to be sent a fabulous box of the most amazing metal castings from Mitform, as part of their Toolbox program.  I wasn't sure what to expect as I hadn't seen or used these before but to say I got a surprise is a bit of an understatement!  So let me tell you a little about these Mitform Castings and show you my very first project using these beauties.

Steampunk Tag using Mitform Castings

Coloring Mitform Metal castings

TO start with these are SOLID - they are detailed, they are big and they are heavy!  If you are thinking about making a dainty little card on a thin or flimsy card base then most of these are not for you.  If you are addicted to assemblage, love steampunk, enjoy making art of card or board or don't mind a few chunky layers - then you are going to totally adore these! 

To really give these a test I decided to create a quick Steampunk tag using quite a few of the casts from Mitform, Lindy's sprays, squirts and Embossing powders and some gorgeous Tim Holtz goodies.  You can see the whole process below and watch how I add color to the castings.

The details are high and raised which makes it super easy to add color just on the highlights - you can add color or paint or even embossing and still see the design details - this is a huge plus as some other castings are so thin that you begin to lose the details after a single layer of EP!  I have a few ideas about how to use these raised areas to advantage for something special (keep an eye on my YouTube for more).

Steampunk Tag using Mitform Castings

To really give these a work out I decided to begin with the most challenging way to color metal castings (adding color with a water-based spray/drip) and then to use these on a seriously chunky tag.  I used some thick recycled cardboard from a recent package as the base as it was sturdy and I knew I could load it up with metal Mitform castings without it warping or bending - yes this is an excellent excuse to keep some of those nice boxes and packaging materials.  This turned out to be heavy as I've really loaded it up - but I love it!

Steampunk Tag using Mitform Castings
Steampunk Tag using Mitform Castings

The color from the Lindy's Squirts looks amazing on the metal casts - yum yum.

Steampunk Tag using Mitform Castings
Steampunk Tag using Mitform Castings


I hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about these wonderful metal embellishments and the quick tag I've created to test them out.

Stay safe and well oxoxo