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Spirit Girl Journal Page with Jane Davenport Supplies

Hello beautiful people, I am so excited to show you what I have created with these gorgeous supplies from Jane Davenport and Spellbinders.  Today I'll be trying something a bit different and going subtle and frosty rather than using bright colors! I'm going to use the versatile ColorSticks and Palette Pastels to add color to my project. 

Spellbinders-Kate Palmer-Winter-Spirit-Girl-15

For those who don’t know me, I’m Kate Palmer, Aussie artist and devoted Davenpeep, though I’m better known as Sparkle Tart online because I love all things sparkly!  You can find me tapping away right here on my blog, posting projects and techniques over on YouTube or sharing snapshots over on Instagram (@k8palmer or @planningwithsparkletart) – I love to share and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve created for you all today!

Spellbinders-Kate Palmer-Winter-Spirit-Girl-18

You might have seen my previous post where I colored a very simple face using Jane's product range and one of the main products I used were ColorSticks.  These are glorious creamy sticks which dissolve in water creating a beautiful transparent paint.  There is so much more you can do with these, so I thought I'd show you 3 different ways to use ColorSticks that you can use for cards, pages, tags or anything!

  1. Paper as a palette
  2. Direct to paper
  3. Brush to tip

Now it's not super easy to show you the entire process in photos so I've made a process video to show you what I've done to create this page, I also have a few basic steps below in case you prefer to do your own thing!

Step 1

Choose an image from the Washi Girls washi sheet from Spellbinders, and use tracing paper to sketch an extended image.  Play with position and composition of your page before trimming the washi girl image to size and sticking the washi girl onto your journal page.  As I mentioned in the video I often use reference photos from the internet to inform me when drawing (especially for things I've never seen before!) this is the reference image I used for the polar bear designed by Freepik (which I've changed up and redrawn so it's a bit more cartoonish) - I loved the pose and this is the furry wolf hat.

Spellbinders-Kate Palmer-Winter-Spirit-Girl-3

Step 2

Transfer your sketched image onto the paper and trace over outline using Jane Davenport pen or Carbon pen, then use a watercolor pencil to sketch in some shading and pattern.

Spellbinders-Kate Palmer-Winter-Spirit-Girl-4

Step 3

Add color to the image using Colorsticks from sets: Soul Window and Silky Skin.  Begin by scribbling color on paper & using a waterbrush to pick up and apply the color to your image.  Start with Rice Paper for the skin and start with Deep Truth for the Bear, then add in some purple with Eccentric Colorstick.  Finally add Wink to darken the skin and add final Colorstick colors: Aquamarine, Grey Matter & Flutter.

Spellbinders-Kate Palmer-Winter-Spirit-Girl-8

Spellbinders-Kate Palmer-Winter-Spirit-Girl-7

Step 4

Add color to the hat, blending the underlying colors with Grey Matter Colorstick and color the hair using Flutter - vary how you add the color to get fabulous color variation (more info in the video).   To get a darker color, apply color directly to paper using the Colorstick like a pencil.  Now I've added some decoration to my washi girl's face and jewelry - but I've kept it really generic (moon, Ke$ha-esque lines and a whale tail) as I didn't want to be culturally inappropriate by accident - so no specific symbology. oxoxo

Spellbinders-Kate Palmer-Winter-Spirit-Girl-9

Step 5

Add background color by brushing on Palette Pastels using a soft brush, then add darker areas (or more intense shimmer) by applying with a sponge applicator.  I used colors from both the Chilled and Mineral Eyes Palettes.

Spellbinders-Kate Palmer-Winter-Spirit-Girl-11

Step 6

Stamp Wild & Free in Cave Black Squid Ink.

Spellbinders-Kate Palmer-Winter-Spirit-Girl-10

Step 8

Rub a wet brush over the Colorstick and use the color on the brush to create splatters, then finish the page by adding a hint of gold foil and black and white paint to really make the image pop!

Spellbinders-Kate Palmer-Winter-Spirit-Girl-20
Spellbinders-Kate Palmer-Winter-Spirit-Girl-20

Spellbinders-Kate Palmer-Winter-Spirit-Girl-14

Spellbinders Supplies:

Other: Gold Foil, Traveler's Notebook with Watercolor Paper, Quickie Glue Pen, Tracing Paper, Fine Tip Waterbrush, Caran D’Arche Watercolor Pencil, Carbon Black and Iridescent Gold Fine Golden Fluid Acrylic Paints and Carbon Pen

Spellbinders-Kate Palmer-Winter-Spirit-Girl-18

Thank you so much for joining me for a play with my gorgeous Jane Davenport ColorSticks from Spellbinders, I hope this gives you a few more ideas for using all those pretty colors to create something of your very own! Remember to search the Spellbinders blog for other great ideas using Jane Davenport supplies, my fellow teamies share the most amazing ideas!