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Three Techniques with Dye-na Flow for Cardmakers

Hi gorgeous people, today I'm going to be making some fast fun cards with Dynaflow inks from Lulu Art!   Now Dynaflow is not something I've used a lot so I'm going to have a play with 3 different techniques to create three different but equally beautiful cards.


Start by gathering up your favourite watercolour card stock and a rainbow of Dye-na Flow ink colours (you can get these at Lulu Art!).


You can watch and learn how I made these backgrounds in the video below or read on for some basic instructions.

Basic Instructions

Begin by prepping your watercolour card – cut it to size and add some clear embossed images to 2 card pieces.  The smoother your card the better these will turn out.


Drops: 1st Background idea

Spray water over watercolour cardstock (the piece without embossing)  and drip on a rainbow of Dynaflow, begin with one drop of each colour and only add more if needed.  Splatter with gold Gansai Tambi paints, set aside and leave to dry.


Painting: 2nd Background idea

Add Dynaflow to a paint palette and use a dry brush to add the Dye-na flow ink to dry watercolour paper.  This gives a quite varied and tonal effect and looks really pretty.  I used a single colour - Periwinkle over one of the pieces of card that had clear embossed text.


Pressing: 3rd Background idea

Add a rainbow of Dynaflow drops to a non-stick craft mat - I added the colours in the order of the rainbow so I didn't make a muddy mess.  Then spritz lightly with water and press dry watercolour card into the puddles of colour.  Press down with fingers to make sure all of the card has contacted the surface and then gently peel up and allow to dry.  I used my remaining piece of embossed card stock for this.


Now it's time to finish the cards!

Begin by adding embossing powder to chipboard elements - I used Obviously Black and Caesar's Gold both from Lindy's.


Add stamping to some of the card backgrounds.


Wrap each background in gold twine.


Mount card fronts onto the backing card and adhere embellishments and we are finished!







I hope these 3 simple and easy ideas using Dye-na flow for card backgrounds give you a few extra ways to use those super gorgeous Dye-na flow inks!