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Rainbowitis Card using Jane Davenport ColorSticks

Create a Simple Face with Jane Davenport’s Making Faces Collection

Hi there – I hope your all as excited about the new Spellbinders range of Jane Davenport Making Faces goodies as I am – gotta say I’m swooning over the yummy rainbow of offerings. For those who don’t know me, I’m Kate Palmer, Aussie artist and craft supply addict, though I’m better known as Sparkle Tart online because I love all things sparkly!  You can find me tapping away right here on my blog or sharing snapshots over on Instagram (@k8palmer or @planningwithsparkletart ) – I love to share and I can’t wait to show you what I’ve created for today's post!

Spellbinders-Kate Palmer-Make a Face-9

Do you ever feel a bit blah, not sure what to create or just want to be able to make something pretty that doesn’t take hours or need oodles of skill or practicing?  Well, the page I’m about to show you is quick, simple and perfect for beginners because your mistakes and wonky lines actually make it look better.  There are days I’d like to create but I don’t feel like drawing faces from scratch – so when I saw the newest Jane face building stencils I was in heaven.  Join me as I show you how to create this simple face perfect for your art journal.

Spellbinders-Kate Palmer-Make a Face-10

Now it's not super easy to show you the process in photos so I've made a short video to show you what I've done to add the color and create this page, or you can see the basic steps below.

Step 1
Use a pale colored watercolor pencil (I like lavender) and the Matchmaker Stencil Set or the Foundation Layers Stencil set, to create a basic face with hair, draw your design straight onto your page. This stencil set is particularly wonderful as there are different sets of eyes, hair, noses and lips that all fit perfectly within the face shape so you can create many different sets of features.  I’ve added shoulders and a very basic dress to complete the image.

Spellbinders-Kate Palmer-Make a Face-5Step 2
Time to commit! Using both the Licensed To Quill Pen and either the Black Lace or Hot Vinyl Ultimate Pen – outline your drawing.  These are both brilliant as they do not bleed and are waterproof.  Once the pen work is dry use the same watercolor pencil to sketch in some details, I’ve fleshed out the lips added the position of shadows and the cheeks.  You can mix the watercolor pencil into the ColorSticks.  Begin by adding color to the hair, I’ve used a fine tip waterbrush and grabbed color straight from the Silky Skin ColorSticks.  Overlap the colors, add fine and thick lines, don’t be too concerned about how you add the color – as you can see I’ve just added it in sections.  The more variation you have the better it looks so any little wiggles or mistakes actually make it look better.

Spellbinders-Kate Palmer-Make a Face-2

Step 3
Add a word stamp to your page using Cave Black Squid Ink , I love this little Wild and Free stamp from the Mad Confetti Clear Stamp set. Once the ink has dried color the face, neck and dress using colors from the Silky Skin ColorSticks set.  Start with the lightest color and before each color dries, add the next – it’s easier to blend the colors this way.  Pick up the color direct from the ColorStick using a waterbrush.  A little trick is to leave the T-zone of the face (center of the forehead, nose and chin) lighter than the rest for a more natural look.
Spellbinders-Kate Palmer-Make a Face-5

Step 4
Use Jane’s Magic Wand pencils to add definition to your image, just add a little here and there to crisp up the edges and enhance the eyes and lips.
Spellbinders-Kate Palmer-Make a Face-5

Step 5
Lucky last – add a little drama using the gloriously smudgy black DramaStick. Just like you would with eyeliner, apply a thin line of black to the lash lines upper and lower and then use what look suspiciously like an eyeshadow applicator (Baton Blenders) to smudge the line and create a beautiful smoky eye look.
Spellbinders-Kate Palmer-Make a Face-6

You can see how much this looks like a real smoky eye, go on and make it as dramatic as you like!

Spellbinders-Kate Palmer-Make a Face-5

And your page is finished!

Spellbinders-Kate Palmer-Make a Face-12

Spellbinders-Kate Palmer-Make a Face-12

Spellbinders-Kate Palmer-Make a Face-12


Spellbinders supplies

  • JDS-028 Mad Confetti Clear Stamps
  • JD-037 Squid Ink Cave Black
  • JDM-035 Foundation Layers Stencil Set
  • JDM-033 Making Faces DramaStick - Ocean Eyes
  • JDM-012 Making Faces ColorSticks Silky Skin
  • JDM-029 Making Faces Ultimate Pen (Black Lace)
  • JDM-007 Making Faces Baton Blenders
  • JDM-038 Making Faces Mermalicious Brush Set

Other supplies:

  • Arches Hot Pressed Watercolor Paper, Fine Tip Waterbrush, Albrecht Durer Watercolor Pencil, Jane Davenport Magic Wand Pencils and Sharpie White extra fine paint pen.


Thank you so much for joining me for a play with my new Jane Davenport supplies from Spellbinders, I hope it gives you a little confidence to try making a face of your very own! Remember to search the Spellbinders blog for other great ideas using Jane Davenport supplies, my fellow teamies share the most amazing ideas!