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Winter Themed Hanging Ornament (Winter Magic Hop)

Welcome to the fabulous Winter Magic Hop!  Yes, a HOP - that means there are some amazing sponsors and even more amazing prizes so read to the end for details!  For this special winter themed hop I decided to bring to life something that has been buzzing around in my brain for over 12 months!  I've been gathering supplies and trying to imagine what I might make, and this is it a scenic winter themed Hanging (or sitting) glass ball ornament.  It's a killer Christmas Home Decor piece and in spite of the many steps it was surprisingly easy to make - all you really need is a glass succulent (or air plant) container, some supplies and a little time!

DIY Winter Glass Bauble 18a
Now I know not everyone likes to learn the same way so I have 2 options for you all, you can watch as I create this scenic glass ball in this video or follow the written instructions below  - the choice is yours oxo

Step 1: Create Ground

Mix 1 part craft glue and 2 parts water in a bowl and soak a paper towel in glue and water mixture, then form paper towel into a half circle, using the glass ball as a template.  Allow to dry thoroughly.  When dry scrape white texture paste over the surface and sprinkle on both superfine white glitter and Clear Rock Candy glitter and leave overnight to dry.  Add color using Copic markers and an airbrush - begin with the lightest color and leave the foreground pale adding the darker colors to just the back of the paper towel ground and the edges. 
The colors I used were:

  • V20, V22, V17, BV13, B39, B63 and B79

DIY Winter Glass Bauble 05

Step 2: Create trees

Spray trees with 3 colors of Lindy's sprays (lightest to darkest), allow to dry.  Once dry scrape on snowflake paste and allow to dry - this will take on a little of the color underneath and become green, purple or blue.  Add Frosted Lace stickles over the top to lighten colors and add a little snow.   To finish add Twinkle stickles in small areas to look like starlight is twinkling off the snow and on the larger trees only add some of the Snow Queen glitter shapes.

DIY Winter Glass Bauble 04a
DIY Winter Glass Bauble 04a

Step 3: Color Deer

Coat deer in white gesso, wait until dry and then spray with Moon Shadow mist in Gossamer Gold.  Add Frosted lace stickles to the deer's back and wait until dry.  When dry add extra color with Copic airbrushing (V17) and use black and white paint pen to add eyes to each deer.

DIY Winter Glass Bauble 02a
DIY Winter Glass Bauble 02a

Step 4: Color Pinecones

Drybrush pinecones with gesso and spray with Moon Shadow mist in Gossamer Gold - when dry add Nuovo Gold Coast glitter drops to the edges of the cones to add shimmer.

DIY Winter Glass Bauble 01
DIY Winter Glass Bauble 01

Step 5: Color Lantern

Dry brush lantern with white gesso, add Frosted lace stickles and then cover with Clear Rock Candy glitter to give the look of snow

DIY Winter Glass Bauble 08

Step 6: Color Glass Ball using Alcohol Inks

Add color to the back and top sections of the Glass ball using a Tim Holtz ink applicator and both Copic reinkers and Tin Holtz Alcohol inks, begin by adding the lightest colors (Alcohol Inks: Pool, Cool Peri and Pearl) then add the darker colors (Copic Various Ink: B79, B63, B39, V17) add additional Colorless Blender to create extra patterns in the inks.

DIY Winter Glass Bauble 06

Step 7: Create Sky

Using only the darkest Copic Marker colors alter the color of the crystal shred using B39, B63 and B79 and an airbrush.  Using glossy accents to add small dots of glue - glue on Snow queen glitter in little spots to create a twinkling night sky

DIY Winter Glass Bauble 09

Step 8: Color Charm

Gently spray TiffanyLou Blue and Tea Pot Purple Lindy's starburst sprays over wooden word charm and once dry add frosted lace stickles and some more of the Snow Queen glitter shapes.

DIY Winter Glass Bauble 07

Step 9: Decorate Cotton Wool 

Deconstruct several cotton wool balls until they look wispy and filmy (this will cover the wooden bases of the trees), drip on craft glue and some Frosted Lace Stickles and then add Distress Glitter in Clear Rock Candy.  Allow to dry and then add around the bases of the trees to cover the wood.

DIY Winter Glass Bauble 11a

Step 10: Assemble the Elements

Start by inserting the paper towel 'ground' into the glass ball (do not glue it down yet).  To create the scene you will need to add the elements at the back first and work forwards (or it will be too difficult to place things), so begin by adding 3 af the trees using glossy accents to stick them to the ground - let dry.  Then add the lantern also at the back - at this point, it's an excellent idea to thread the little Lumies through the globe and the lantern and turn them on to make sure all is working.  Once happy glue the lantern in place.  Continue adding elements to the ground using glossy accents as glue until your scene is constructed - allow everything to dry thoroughly then add the final drop of glue to hold the ground in place (carefully lift the paper towel ground to do this)

DIY Winter Glass Bauble 10

Step 11: Turn on the Lights

Adjust the Lumies until all the lights are in the 'sky' except the 2 places in the lantern and then turn on the lights and watch a little magic happen.  Place your glass snow globe bauble at eye height or above on either a flat surface or hanging in your Christmas tree.

DIY Winter Glass Bauble 17
DIY Winter Glass Bauble 17
DIY Winter Glass Bauble 17
DIY Winter Glass Bauble 17
DIY Winter Glass Bauble 17

DIY Winter Glass Bauble 17
DIY Winter Glass Bauble 17

I've decided to call my creation Magical Winter Wonderland and I hope you've enjoyed seeing something a little bit different!  Don't think that Mixed Media has to be confined to any one thing - use the skills you have and make a little MAGIC in 2019!


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I'd also like to say a BIG THANK YOU to our super generous sponsors, who have made this hop so special for the hoppers!


And the Hop order for those who need it is - remember you must read the instructions and comment over on the YouTube videos to enter ....