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Welcome to the New Collections Inspirational Blog hop featuring Jane Davenport supplies by Spellbinders, and I am thrilled that I get to be a part of the FUN!  Now in case you somehow missed it, Jane Davenport has just released a new collection of goodies that has had me drooling (you can check out the entire Jane Davenport Artomology Collection here) - so so many yummy must have supplies including the super gorgeous new Die Cutting Machine!  The amazing thing about this hop is that we were allowed to go crazy with our creations and make absolutely anything as long as the gorgeous JD products were the center of attention!  Well talk about spoiled for choice - where do you start!  


Well, it took me a while to decide what to do and in the end, it wasn't something I planned exactly, it sort of picked me!  I fussy-cut a bunch images from the gorgeous Washi Sheets, I cut loads of die cut shapes with my fancy new Deep Sea Die Cutting Machine, I played with colored backgrounds and did a little more die cutting and then I sat there looking at everything!   So in love with the colors and die cuts but not sure what to do.  So, as I often do when thinking and planning a project I decided to make a background, for some reason, it helps me think!  Grab those supplies and have a play - it's what I do!

  Planner Page Goals with Jane Davenport Supplies 12a

7 Steps to a Stunning Journal Page

Watch the vid below or scroll through the steps below - enjoy!

Step One

Cut out images from one of the super gorgeous washi sheets - not sure which one to use, neither was I so I cut them all out!

Step Two

Still playing, I grabbed my journal with extra fine Tomoe River paper - added some INKredible inks, a little water, a hint of Mermaid Marker spritzed with water and I'm in love - plus it matched the colors of one of the Washi girls that I already cut out!  Decision made I'm using my cut out Washi Sheet images on my rainbow colored journal/planner page! 

Planner Page Goals with Jane Davenport Supplies 04

Step Three

That worked so well I decided to try something similar so I sprayed some watercolor card with water and dripped on Jane Davenport Inkredible Inks (wow these smell good) - I added a fixative spray while wet and dried with a heat gun - uh oh I noticed that this dulled the colors a little and made them look muted and pastel - so I flipped it over and repeated the process - but let it air dry and didn't use the fixative - Oh my WOW - the color and the patterns are amazing - just look at the image above - those Inkredible inks are magic and created a truly stunning rainbow colored watercolor card!!!!  Soooo pretty I almost wanted to just keep it!

Step Four

Now what to do with my beautiful colored watercolor paper - die cuts!  At this point, I have half an idea (I haven't tried this before) but I'm excited to try it out today.  So I've used the gorgeous smaller Sea Flower Etched Die (and my new Deep Sea Die Cutting machine) and cut a bunch of images out of my very pretty rainbow colored watercolor card, about 6 or 7 in total.

Planner Page Goals with Jane Davenport Supplies 04

Now that I had an idea I decided to just go with it and see where it took me!  I added the die cut shapes to the page on one side as a border.

Planner Page Goals with Jane Davenport Supplies 03

Step Five

Grab some beautiful fussy cut washi girls (I choose colors that complimented the background), peel off the protective backing and add these to the edges of the spread.  These are really forgiving and if you add it in the wrong spot just carefully peel it off and re-apply.  Once happy with the placement, extend the edges of the washi images using Jane's Aquapastels - this takes your design to the next level and stops the page looking like you've slapped on some stickers, it makes it look like the images were meant to be there!

Planner Page Goals with Jane Davenport Supplies 04a

Once this first layer is dry, add a second layer of Aquapastel color to outline, embellish, darken the colors or add shading or shadows to your background and the images!  I've added a gorgeous blue to really make the page pop and added a dress to the figure - which also acts as a page border.

Planner Page Goals with Jane Davenport Supplies 04

Up close you can see how well the Aquapastels match with those Washi sheet colors - just perfect (I'll bet that Jane made it that way on purpose!).

Planner Page Goals with Jane Davenport Supplies 04

Step Six

Time for some finishing off touches before adding some journaling!  A little Paint Over Pen to make the faces more opaque, add some doodled designs and accentuate the hair.

Planner Page Goals with Jane Davenport Supplies 06a
Step Seven 

Next be brave and add a quote, journaling, planning or whatever YOU choose and outline letters using Smooth Markers!

  Planner Page Goals with Jane Davenport Supplies 12a

And you are finished!  Am I the only one who feels an immense sense of satisfaction from looking at a finished crinkly page??

Planner Page Goals with Jane Davenport Supplies 09a

Planner Page Goals with Jane Davenport Supplies 10

Planner Page Goals with Jane Davenport Supplies 10



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I've used the following yummy Jane Davenport supplies to create this layout, affiliate links in use where possible oxox

If you would like to go and check out the entire NEW Jane Davenport Artomology Collection then this is the place!