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Jane Davenport's Incredible Inks on Yupo

Want to make a beautiful background that practically leaps off the paper?  Then let me show you how amazing Jane Davenport's INKredible inks look on Yupo paper and you will be racing to the store to grab the supplies and try this yourself.  No seriously, I mean RUNNING, sprinting - it's so amazing!

JC INKredible Ink on Yupo 06

Create your own Yupo Background Step-by-Step

  1. Spray Yupo with water and drip on a little of each colour of Incredible ink
  2. Spritz with water from a height to create a pattern - the pattern will be more prominent on areas that have begun to dry
  3. Add a few spots of pearlescent acrylic paint and spray with water to make the color wick
  4. Spritz with alcohol blender from a height of approx. 30cm to create additional patterns
  5. Dry carefully with a heat gun - too close and your Yupo will buckle or warp - be careful
  6. Allow any remaining areas to air dry.
  7. Mount on a backing card (to keep it flat) and spray with an acrylic sealer (eg Crystal Clear)

Just look at how beautiful these colours on the background are! 

JC INKredible Ink on Yupo 06

JC INKredible Ink on Yupo 06

JC INKredible Ink on Yupo 06

To Create the Card 

  1. Trim Washi Girls Washi sheet into separate images
  2. Add stamping to the background using Archival inks
  3. Cut shapes using Spellbinders dies and emboss using Lindy's Embossing powder
  4. Add ribbon, washi girl and embossed die cute to background
  5. Add color to washi image using Paint Over Pens
  6. Add a little sparkle using Mermaid Markers
  7. Outline image using block acrylic in a fine liner bottle
  8. Mount onto base-card to finish

Watch this card come together and see this amazing INKredible Ink on Yupo right here in this video.

JC INKredible Ink on Yupo 10

JC INKredible Ink on Yupo 13

JC INKredible Ink on Yupo 13

JC INKredible Ink on Yupo 13
JC INKredible Ink on Yupo 13

Simply a beautiful rainbow of colour! JC INKredible Ink on Yupo 06 


All from Lulu Art of course!