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How to Alter a Necklace (for a cool Steampunk look)

Welcome, welcome and roll right up for the Old Treasures Hop! I am so honored to be a part of this amazing altering extravaganza with 15 renowned Mixed Media artists worldwide! Today I have given myself a bit of a challenge to create something useful and wearable using my mixed media skills - I will be altering a necklace and transforming it into an old treasure with a steampunk theme. Now this one was a bit of a challenge for... Read more →


Beginners Acrylic Pour using Dina Wakley Pouring Medium

Today I'm going to play with something new, Dina Wakley Pouring Medium - it's fun and a little scary and my friend Kylie thinks I'm about to make a huge mess, she might just be right (though I hope not)! My entire project today will be an experiment! An experiment with products, colors and mediums - not all of them recommended for use with the Dina Wakley Pouring Medium PLUS I've never done an acrylic pour before so I'm learning... Read more →