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Plan with Me - July (Simple Weekly Spread)


Today let's get organised, with this simple and easy weekly layout (I don't know about you but I could use some simple and easy ideas about now!).  I haven't shared a lot of my own planner pages because in all honesty after I write on them they are a MESS!  Not the 'oh it's such a mess' kind where the writing is stunning and everything is perfectly laid out, embellished, spaced and looks amazing - but the OMG chicken scratch, writing in every direction - different pens, lists, notes and scribbles kind - an actual mess! 

So let me show you how I like to create a simple before-the-pen horizontal bujo spread in my planner.

IMG_1212 (Edited)


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Grab your supplies and create this quick planner layout with me...

The pale pastel colors of the Prima Watercolors are a perfect match for the Rose Quartz papers - it looks super pretty!

IMG_1177 (Edited)(1)

And the little touch of silver from the Decadent Pies set was a lovely contrast to the pastels.

IMG_1178 (Edited)
IMG_1178 (Edited)

I hope you have enjoyed this stylish and simple idea and that it might help you (and I) get organised for the week ahead oxoxo