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Plan with Kate & Jane (well Jane Davenport Supplies!)

Today I'm going to be Planning with Jane - Jane Davenport that is - though sadly not in person! Instead, I'm going to be using up some leftovers from previous projects to create a Jane Davenport inspired horizontal weekly planner layout. So join me and let's use up some of those leftover supplies to create a bright and fun planner spread for this week. I really HATE throwing away perfectly good stuff but I also hate ending up with piles... Read more →


Finger Painted Abstract Art Journal Page

Hello hello sparkly people! Today I've set myself a little challenge - a simple black and white background for my journal page! And I'll let you in on a little secret, there is not one brush being used on the page background in any way - none at all! So how am I applying the paint? Get ready to get dirty because we are going to get in there and do some fabulous finger painting to create this B&W background!... Read more →


Plan with Me - July (Simple Weekly Spread)

Today let's get organised, with this simple and easy weekly layout (I don't know about you but I could use some simple and easy ideas about now!). I haven't shared a lot of my own planner pages because in all honesty after I write on them they are a MESS! Not the 'oh it's such a mess' kind where the writing is stunning and everything is perfectly laid out, embellished, spaced and looks amazing - but the OMG chicken scratch,... Read more →