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Welcome to Spring Swap: Mixed Media Canvas Journal Cover


Welcome to Spring (well in some parts of the world)!  I was invited by Nunu Box (along with other gorgeous International artists) to participate in an International Spring Swap and couldn't say no!  Now I don't always have time to do things like this but the timing was right and I thought it sounded like fun.   The intention of this swap is to not only inspire all of our beautiful followers, but also to show a little love to our crafty friends and let them know that they are amazing and spread a little love.

So Welcome to Spring...


To all those who are reading please know you will often hear negative things from people about your art, people who don’t understand, people who have a different opinion of what art is, people who enjoy tearing down others :(
What is important is:

  1. Does creating bring you joy,
  2. Do YOU like it and
  3. Are you growing and learning?

While it’s hard to hear some of the comments out there, understand that the issue isn’t your art, the real issue is often the other person! Please don’t stop creating, make art, make bad art, grow, learn, enjoy!

My Partner and My Project

My partner for this swap was Aditi and her only request was to incorporate some purple (I hope I added enough) and I have sent my transparent layered Mixed Media Journal to her (along with a few goodies) - I hope she likes it and creates many beautiful pieces of art inside!


I chose to create something Aditi could use, as I wanted her to be inspired, feel special and be reminded that she and her art are amazing!  I'm also hoping to see more of Aditi's art journaling in here and that the pretty colours inspire her to grab this book often.  


I have chosen to create a very flat (but multi-layered) cover as I wanted Aditi to be able to lay this flat as she creates in the journal.  Speaking from experience here, it's not as easy to create in something with a chunky cover - especially when your paint starts flowing 'downhill' thanks to the lumps and bumps.  So I found ways to make this look interesting without adding any bulk.


Now so that this post doesn't become a complete mammoth - I've added the supply list and technique over on the post 10 Layer Mixed Media Journal Cover.  I'd love it if you pop over and have a look oxoxo  Here's a tiny sneak peek!


The artist that has created something amazing for me is Keren Tamir, please visit Keren's blog to see more details of this stunning project.  Keren has created a stunning piece of mixed media wall art that will look amazing in my studio.


Loving the texture and all the little 'bits', thank you so much for your wonderful creation - love it Keren!


Hop List

But of course there are 12 amazing artists participating in this international SPRING SWAP and I don't want you to miss out on seeing any of their art - so here are the links to everyone's blogs and gorgeous creative projects oxoxo
As an added bonus some of the Hoppers are having giveaways on their blogs - make sure to visit and leave a little love on each post to find out who is giving away what!

While we all share and spread love for the art and craft we create, a few brands and store owners are generously sponsoring our hop. Here’s a look at them. It would be nice if you could leave them some love by visiting their site, like and following them on social media channels. Apart from any giveaways on the artist blogs, five lucky winners get prizes from our sponsors.  
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