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Alice Mixed Media Journal Page (Testing Mermaid Markers)

Today I have a fun little journal page that took me waaaay down the rabbit hole, with one of the new Fowler Face stencils from Artist Cellar! Now for those who find drawing faces from scratch a bit intimidating, face stencils are the perfect way to get started! They give you a wonderful framework that you can play with and make your own. For this page, I decided to use the 1/4 turned face stencil called 'Joy'. To start, trace... Read more →


Inspiration from Your Favourite Animal (Enhance Your Creativity)

From the humble house cat to the mythical dragon, animals have provided some of the greatest creative inspiration to artists throughout the ages. We as humans seem to feel a deep and abiding connection with the other inhabitants of our planet. So, in Week Three we are taking artistic inspiration from our favorite animals. This can be in any way you like, consider your favourite animal, what the animal means to you, a time you have had contact with your... Read more →