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The World's Easiest Page Tabs (and how to make them in under 5 minutes!)


Hello gorgeous people!  Are you getting ready to send your kids back to school or perhaps going back to school yourself?   It's always nice to start off the year with beautiful stationery and supplies and today I'm going to show you the World's easiest Page Tabs and how to make them in under 5 minutes!   So let's get started.



Gather your supplies - you won't need many!

  • Paper punch (I'm using a hexagon shape from Fiskars, circles, squares or rectangles would also work well)
  • Cardboard 120gsm at least
  • 2 widths of glitter deco tape in different colours (I'm using pink skinny and gold wide deco tape both from X-Press It)
  • Double-sided Adhesive tape from X-Press It
  • Scissors


First, punch as many shapes as you need for your book plus one or 2 extra (just in case).

IMG_9423 (Edited)

Begin by adding the pink skinny glitter tape to one edge of your punched shape, press down firmly.

IMG_9424 (Edited)

Add the thicker gold tape making sure it's right up against the first piece - you don't want any gaps.

IMG_9422 (Edited)

If there is any card still exposed, cover it with the pink skinny deco tape.

IMG_9421 (Edited)

Trim any excess tape from the cardboard shape.

IMG_9420 (Edited)

Attach double-sided tape to the back of the punched shape - make sure you only add it to the lower half of the shape (the bit that will be stuck to the page).


Peel the backing from the double-sided tape and attach to your pages.




And that's it!  See so super simple and you really can make a batch of these in 5 minutes.  So grab whatever washi you have, any colour and get creating.