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Happy New Year 2018: Move and Learn


Happy New Year 2018 - I hope it will be a year of marvellous and happy times, filled with fun, creativity, kindness and growth!  I have 2 goals for 2018 - I've been fairly modest on purpose - to MOVE and to LEARN!   For a while now there have been things I've wanted to do, but I have yet to take steps towards achieving any of them (well most of them).  Last year I had a bit of a scare that reinforced that life is short and uncertain and there really is no point to putting things off!  So this year, 2018 will be the year of doing!

Now I had already decided this in December and have been actively working towards making sure I can kick off my 2018 Goals - MOVE and LEARN.  To give myself the best chance of succeeding I have:  

  • Cleaned off my desk and made a HUGE pile of things to sell
  • Reorganised some of my craft supplies so I can more easily get to what I use (rest of the room is in progress)
  • Purchased a planner (or 2) so I can plan and track my progress towards my goals
  • Decided to have a 'spend-less' year so I can save some money towards large ticket items I really want
  • Accepted some new opportunities and confirmed some previous ones

IMG_9183 (Edited)

Now I'm not being unrealistic here, I'm going to set small achievable goals and stick to them, ticking off as I go, I'm also going to 'check in' with myself monthly and make sure I'm on track and have a plan to stay that way - I've discovered I work better with a plan!  In the midst of all this, I read this great post Go Deeper, Not Wider and it really resonated - though we all know that I can't promise to go a whole year without a shiny new sparkly 'something'  BUT  I do love the idea of reading books I already own, doing the classes I've already purchased and buying fewer 'things' so I can enjoy the things I have or afford new things I may not have been able to afford without a little saving!

So what is it I'll actually be doing in 2018?

  • Improving my hand lettering (I already own 2 books and a class - just need to watch, LEARN and practice!)
  • Being brave and sharing more of my art, cards, layouts, journals, mixed media pieces - even if I'm not sure anyone but me will like it
  • Moving a bit more - I'd like to try Yoga and see if it helps with my flexibility
  • Planning - ok so I've always been a planner and wildly organised, but I'm going to share a bit more of it with you all, pages, ideas, doodles, etc.  Plus some of my organisation ideas - there are many!
  • Learning new techniques, whether by watching some of the gazillion online classes I've bought and never watched or discovering them myself
  • Reading - I love books and just don't make the time to read as many of them as I'd like
  • Sharing loads more ideas, videos and techniques so YOU can make more amazing art
  • and of course using some of the amazing sparkly supplies I already own - I do love my SPARKLES!

 So please join me for 2018 and we can all MOVE and LEARN together oxox

Happy New Year everyone!