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52 Weeks of Sparkle: Journal and Planner Prompts


Are you looking for a little help getting started in your journal, art journal or planner this year?  Let me help you with this list of weekly journaling and planning prompts - one for every week of the year!   Whether you're a planner girl, an art journaler, journal keeper, list maker or even a writer, you can use these 52 prompts.  Whatever your passion, these will help to enrich your life and provide a bit of direction if you are feeling stuck or themeless  + some are just a bit of good fun.

  52 Weeks of Planner Prompts

Let's get started....


You'll need to gather some supplies to get started - don't worry, nothing super fancy - it's not about the stuff it's about what you do with it, and the list is fairly small - though of course you don't need to stick to these 4 things - use whatever you like!   
Affiliate links in use below - no cost to you - but in using these I may be able to buy more sparkly supplies to share with you all!

Ranger journal
Copic Multiliner
Journal or Planner
As long as there is paper it will be fine,
though if you know you want to add mixed media something with more than 120gsm paper is best.
No-bleed Black pen
I like the Copic Multiliner 0.3
  Zebra Mildliners   Gansai tambi
My current fav's are the
Zebra Mildliners
Watercolour Set
(paint and water brush or regular brush)
Any brand, but I'd start with
Kuretaki Gansai Tambi or
you can 'borrow' the kids texta colors
and use them! 



Now that you have your stuff together, let's look at the list (I've got a printable version for you to download, print  and paste it into your journal at the bottom of this post oxoxo).

Write, journal, collage, draw or combine all of these to create a page personal and meaningful to YOU!

Now some of the topics are deep, some are trivial, others are just for fun - you don't have to complete every prompt (I'm not going to get angry with you if you miss a week, or two or three!), use those that speak to you (or that bother you the most) as these are the ones that will challenge you to create the most interesting pages.  I'm going to try and incorporate something from my list into each week even if it's only as themed stickers - go as deep as you like and use these snippets of inspiration in any way YOU like.   It is your journal or planner after all.  You could even complete these prompts with your kids as a way to start conversations or get to know them better, it will introduce them to the idea of journaling or planning - though you may need to share your art supplies! 

Please Note: Some of these topics (depending on your personal circumstances) may trigger confronting memories - please seek professional help or at the very least talk to a friend if this happens.  Some of us (me included) do not have lives that were always perfect and even the simplest thing can resurface old trauma.  Please take care of yourselves and seek help if you need to oxoxo


OK onto the fun stuff!  I'm almost as excited to see what YOU all do with these ideas as I am to get started, so be sure to share and tag with #52weeksofsparkle 

  1. Describe your Dream Life - your 'Level 10 Life' - how does it look, what are you doing and who are you with?

  2. Design your dream creative space, what things do you have in there, how does it look, what's the color scheme?

  3. What animal do you feel most connected to, for some, this can be described as their spirit animal, totem or can be your Chinese zodiac animal or an animal you have a connection with.  What do you admire most about this animal - try drawing the animal (it doesn’t have to be a good drawing!!)?

  4. My best day - what has been the best day in your life so far?  Why was it special to you - include a photo if you have one

  5. My Perfect Day - what would a perfect day look like - where would you go and who with, what would you like to do?

  6. What is your favourite food and what is something you hate?  Are there any special memories associated with these foods?

  7. Name a Place you would love to visit - why do you want to go there?

  8. You are going on holidays and can only take 5 art supplies, what do you take and why?

  9. Show your face - take a selfie (yes today, not one from 5 years ago!) and talk about what you love/hate about your own face?

  10. List 5 things you would like to learn this year, can be new stuff or learning more about things you already know.  How can you plan to actually do this?

  11. The road less traveled - think of a decision you've made that changed the course of your life - what might be different had you made a different decision?

  12. List 3 rules you want to live by...

  13. Beach, Forest, Desert, River, City, Small Town - where do you feel most at home or most energised?   Create a quick sketch to go with your content

  14. Elevator Pitch - describe what you do in under 200 words!  Or describe what you want to be doing!

  15. What colors make your soul sing - list or paint them and then write down the attributes of the colors - do they have anything in common?

  16. What's your secret fear or phobia?  Do you hate spiders, heights, clowns (oh wait that's me!) - try to draw your fear - or you crushing your fears

  17. What is your favourite hobby, why do you like it - what do you get out of this?  Are there ways you could add these elements into your current job - how?

  18. What is the theme song to your life?  Is this ok or would you like to change it, what would you like it to be?

  19. What (or who) are you most grateful for and why? List your top 5 or 10 things

  20. What do you like most about your body, your eyes, hair, the way you move - what do you like best?

  21. What behaviour are you most ashamed of, what trait would you like to correct in yourself?

  22. What's your style, are you a planner, a researcher, a doer or a talker?  What does this look like - what's your plan of attack in a new situation?

  23. What's your go-to comfort food/s and why do you love it?  Is this your favourite food or do you only eat it when you're feeling down?

  24. You have the whole day to yourself to relax and money is no issue, what would you do?  How do you de-stress?

  25. Favourite Quote - write it down and make it fancy

  26. List 5 things you would like to do more of this year - things that will increase your happiness?

  27. What has life taught you that you are most grateful to have learned - the lesson may have been positive or negative - how have you used this to learn and grow?

  28. List your favourite books - Top 5 of all time.  What is it you loved about these, do they have anything in common?

  29. List one mythical being that you would most like to be real and why?  I'm thinking along the lines of dragons and unicorns here...

  30. What is your favourite way to spend your free time?

  31. What is your weirdest talent?  Your party trick if you will - I have 2 and I'll even share via video

  32. Where are you happiest - name the spot and why, what is it about that place that you love (can be current or in the past)

  33. What is your favourite drink and why?

  34. What was your favourite childhood toy - do you still have it?

  35. How could you make someone else's life better?  Big or small what could you do that would make someone else smile?

  36. What 5 things are on your bucket list - what do you want to do most?

  37. Describe a tradition you would like to create for yourself or your family

  38. Who did you want to be as a child, who was your role model?

  39. What are the 5 best things about you as a person?

  40. What was the most embarrassing moment of your life?

  41. What fantasy world/time period/TV series or location would you like to live in?

  42. What's the most extravagant and useless thing you've ever purchased (and why did you HAVE to have it)?

  43. What do you most want to be remembered for?  Is it a big achievement or something small?

  44. What is the bravest thing you have ever done?

  45. Who is your favourite Superhero or villain and why?

  46. List 10 things that make you smile - silly or serious

  47. What is your favourite smell, scent or perfume - is there a reason it's your favourite?

  48. What did you do for your last birthday, what do you wish you had done?

  49. What is your greatest strength, how does it help you?

  50. What do you find exciting?  How can you add more of this to your life?

  51. What piece of modern technology are you most grateful for - what couldn't you live without?

  52. What are your dreams and hopes for 2020 (yes 2020) is there a way you could make these happen - make a plan oxo


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