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Frida Art Journal Page with Sgraffito


OK how could I resist making an art journal page using Jane Davenport and Kylie Fowler supplies, especially now that Kylie is carrying Jane Davenport supplies in store I kinda HAD to make this page.  I was inspired by the riot of colours in the new collage papers and felt like I needed to make an equally riotous and wild page.  From there it was a short hop to Frida Kahlo, as it's Frida I think of when I think of wild and unrestrained.  

Frida Journal Page 11

While there are a few steps, all are simple and unrestrained and focus on fun and experimentation - so grab some papers, paint and some water soluble crayons or markers and have a play with me! 

This page uses a very cool technique called SGRAFFITO where you add two successive layers of contrasting colour, and then  scratch into the surface while wet, to reveal parts of the underlying layer.

Start by gluing collage papers over your journal pages using mat medium and then allow to dry completely.    Img_8841

Now it's time to create the base layer for your face, use the Peace face stencil from the Fowler face series as an outline and paint in the shape using Ceramcoat Santa's Flesh.  Img_8842

Use a water-soluble marker to sketch in the facial features, and mermaid markers and one of Jane's stencils to sketch the outline of flowers in the hair.

Frida Journal Page 01
Now it's time to tone down the page a bit.  Sketch the outline of Frida's hair and then paint around the face and hair with gesso - make it as thick or thin as you like to hide or reveal the background details.  While the gesso is still wet, use an implement to scratch designs into the wet paint (I used an art brush blending tool)  - this technique is called sgraffito.  

Frida Journal Page 03

Time to add some color to the face, I used Aquapastels to add the base colour and they dissolved beautifully.  

Frida Journal Page 05

Outline all the main elements using paint in a fine line bottle filled with thinned down paint (Carbon Black Fluid Acrylic 40% and Golden Airbrush Medium 60%)  - this adds a little boldness to the image and helps to separate the image from the background and make it stand out against the very bold colors.  

Frida Journal Page 06

Add final details to the image using White Sharpie paint pen and Inktense pencils.  The combination of pencil for details and white paint to add some lightness finishes off the image.  

Frida Journal Page 07

And the finished page is a riot of colour - worthy I hope of Frida.   

Frida Journal Page 10

Frida Journal Page 09

Now there is no way to capture the layers and process in words alone, so I've filmed the process of creating this page so you can all watch and play along! 



 I hope you've found a few new ideas in this page that you might like to try for yourself!