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Creative Colour Charts

Looking for ways the creat cool color charts?  Then have a look at this idea using supplies from Lulu Art of course!
Colour charts - I love to make them but often seem to fall into the trap of having them be purely for 'utility reasons' - I can be a little too practical on occasion.  So I've been looking at ways to make them more exciting and interesting while still retaining their original purpose - which is show off the colours in the particular set.

Add color names 2

While searching on the net I started seeing these amazing watercolor skylines and come on - you have to agree these are practically a ready-made colour chart idea - I feel almost guilty!  This is one of my favourites from Pinterest - although I was unable to identify the original artist (if anyone knows can you please leave a comment with a link as I'd like to give credit). 



The minute I saw this I knew I needed to try this with one of my watercolour sets and what better than the Jane Davenport Brights Set, available at Lulu Art of course!  It's full of fabulous pinks, blues, purples and green - with a little yellow thrown in there for fun.

 Finished watercolor color chart page 2

To start I've sketched an imaginary city into my art journal using white Transfer paper which leaves no lines once you paint over it (the skyline is a mish-mash of different skyline elements from all over the world) and added some text which I've protected using Holbein masking liquid.

Masking Fluid
Now time to have a little fun, just by eye (though you can use a pencil if you like) split your image into the number of colours you have in your set.  Add your colours to the image one at a time, mixing one colour with the colour next to it (just a little where the colours meet) as you go.  Try to work fast as these can dry fairly quickly if you aren't using watercolour paper.

  Let the colors drip

 Add water or salt to create patterns and variation, though you will get much better results with this on watercolor paper (which isn't what I've used).

  Sprinkle with Salt 2

Then let the colours drip down the page - you can encourage this with a little water if you like and then drop in some of the Gold Gansai Tambi Starry Colours paint into your puddles and leave this to dry. 
 Add gansai tambi

Add a few splashes or splatters of colour over the page both over the image and around it (you get some amazing things happening as the splatters hit the wet paint) and leave the entire piece to dry.

 Bright Lights - Bright Palette 2

Add a little doodling to highlight some of the amazing patterns and then remove the masking liquid - I just use my fingers for this as it's kind of fun :)

  Add doodling

Write the names of each colour onto your page - it is a colour chart after all, and use the same pen to outline or add shadws to you rlettering - just so it's a bit easier to read against all that colour.!

Add color names 3

Not only do you have an amazing color chart but also a fun and colourful journal page.

  Finished watercolor color chart page 2

Plus don't the little salt crystals look pretty!

Bright Lights - Bright Palette 2
Finished watercolor color chart page 2

Bright Lights - Bright Palette 2

Interested in trying this yourself?  Then you might like to watch and play along with me as I walk you through the process step-by-step in this clip - sorry about the frogs and my cat (you'll find out what I mean!!!).




I hope you have as much fun with this idea as I did :)