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Nomad's & Lady Like - Prima Traveler's Journals

Hi there Sparkly peeps!  I've been excitedly waiting for my Prima Traveler's Journals to arrive in Australia and gathering supplies to use with them while I wait - yes interpret this as hoarding!  Now that they are finally here, I thought I'd show you my brand new Prima Marketing Traveler's Journals (aka Traveler's Notebooks or TN's) in the Nomad's and Lady Like Starter Sets and give them both a quick review.  

Prima Travelers Journals
 Please let me warn you that my review is unpaid, all my own observations and yes - purchased out of my own money from the awesome Kylie @ Lulu Art - who is in no way affiliated with my review or my opinions expressed in the review - though she is well aware of my little planner obsession.  I'm actually rather loving my new Prima planners!

NOTE: I've now had both of these journals for a few months now (as of AUG2017) so will include some notes on wear and usage - just so you all know what to expect!


Nomad's Journal

Let's start with the Nomad's Traveler's Journal Set - this is the one that I was most excited to get my hands on.  The minute I saw the color, the contrasting stitching, the pencil case and all of the fabulous little pockets - this one was on my MUST HAVE RIGHT NOW list (yes it's kind of a long list!)!

Prima describes this fabby little TN as: 

  • One 6.4" x 8.6" bonded leather notebook cover
  • One elastic cover
  • Four notebook elastic bands
  • Two notebooks with blank white pages that measure 4.3" x 8.3"

NOTE - the cover is not 2 toned, this is just the overhead light in my studio reflecting off the plastic cover.

Prima Nomads 2a

 I'm sorry - but that's a seriously un-sexy description which is missing all the most interesting bits about this planner!  So here is my version:

  • Tan Bonded Leather exterior with contrasting non-leather black interior
  • Neat little Belly Band with leather protector (so the elastic doesn't damage the edges of your planner) also fabulous as a makeshift pen holder
  • Contrasting stitching to make this journal a real fashion statement
  • Leather Pen loop on front cover that comfortably fits most pens
  • 2 Card Pockets and 2 pouches on the inside front cover (though only 1 card pocket fits a credit card if the outside stitching isn't perfect)
  • Enough elastic to be able to use 4 inserts in the notebook and enough space to squeeze in a fifth!
  • Awesome zippered pouch built into the back cover, zip may gape slightly at the top - but should be fine to hold pencils, stickers or small change - though loose diamonds will easily fall out - though if you are J-Lo your 'rocks' might be safe in here
  • Leather zipper-pull for easy opening and closing of the zippered pouch - though don't stuff too much in there or the last journal gets kind of a warped!
  • Assorted leather pockets for holding your essentials like credit cards, decorative paper clips or washi tape strips - just as long as your items are mostly flat or this can get bulky fast!
  • Slight chemical smell that dissipates with use, or with a scented leather conditioner or wipes
  • Two plain blank notebooks begging to be decorated before first use - measures 10"x6.5" (16.25cm x 21.84 cm) folded
  • Cute little Prima Charm included!

NB: Prima Marketing images sometimes show a 'Demo' version with mottled leather cover and a cute branded leather piece attached to the spine with brass studs - neither of these features have been included in the 'market' version sadly :(  I was a bit bummed as I thought both of these looked great

Lady Like Journal (Black Glitter)

And of course, you all know why I HAD TO HAVE the Black Glitter journal set called Lady Like - Black Glitter!
Prima describes this little beauty as:
  • One 6.4" x 8.6" bonded leather notebook cover
  • One elastic cover
  • Four notebook elastic bands
  • Two notebooks with blank white pages that measure 4.3" x 8.3"

Prima Lady Like 2a

And while the Prima description may be a little bland this is the stuff you all really want to know:

  • One black glittery notebook cover (non-shedding - the glitter has a coating over the top!!!), fits standard TN notebook refills
  • Enough elastic to be able to use 4 inserts in the notebook and able to slide in a fifth or even sixth by using the front and back pockets and flaps!
  • Cute contrasting interior in pale cream/off-white - very elegant against the black!
  • Two blank notebooks one card cover and the other with a nice touch of foil - measure 10"x6.5" (16.256cm x 21.844 cm) folded
  • Lays flat on the desk with minimal bending
  • Cute Prima charm
  • 8 slots in front flap - credit card width, but so deep if you put a card in there it get's swallowed!  Need to slide cards in on their short end to use - but does give you options if you don't want to use it for cards.
  • 2 full-length fully lined pockets large enough to slide in a standard TN insert (or the cover at least!) or a whole nest of stickers, page flags, washi strips etc.
  • 1 secretarial flap on the rear again large enough to hold a standard insert - so this little black journal could hold 6 inserts if you like 'em chunky!
  • Neat pen loop that actually fits a normal sized ballpoint pen - bonus!

  Prima Lady Like Travelers Journal

Sparkle Tart's Pro's and Con's

Hmm after using my Prima Nomads journal for a while here are some things you may want to know, a few Pro's and Con's that I feel I should mention for anyone looking to buy - this way you can make up your own mind if these are right for you.


  • The chemical smell I mentioned when opening, mostly goes away after a week 
  • Coating over the glitter on the Lady Like means there is NO glitter shedding at all
  • Both journals comfortably fit 4 inserts
  • So far neither journal displays any rub or wear marks from being stuffed in and out of a bag and being carted about
  • Enough space (even with 4 inserts) to add tabs to the top or sides, without them being squished


  • Your Nomads journal is going to get a warp to the cover due to the pencil case and the pen loop combined with the belly band
  • The leather on the belly band on both journals is super thin and quite flimsy, so while it does protect the cover from the elastic, it will bend back and is really floppy
  • It's not easy to write on your notebooks in the Nomad's with the pencil case stuffed full - though if you tuck a little piece of very stiff cardboard into the back of the last insert it does make it easier.  Also if you only have 4-5 pens in there it's not so bad!
  • As previously mentioned if the stitching is a little bit wonky your cards won't fit into the card slots
  • On mine (may be a one-off) the glue on the Lady Like slots is exposed (on the inside where you slide your card), so once something goes into the slot it's really difficult to get it back out


You can see these journals in all their glory in this clip giving you a peek @ Prima Marketing Traveler's Notebooks. 


There are some fabulous inserts and extras available to go with your Prima Planners - I may have bought some of these as well - oh fine so I bought all of them!!

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