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5 Ideas for Decorating Traveler's Notebook Covers

Today we are going to check out 5 simple techniques for decorating notebook covers. So why do you need special techniques for notebook covers? Well most of us are actually using the notebook, so the cover needs to be sturdy, and easy to slip into a bag or a bookshelf with other items. If you have 3d flowers or embellishments that protrude too far these can become ripped off, snagged, damaged or at worst damage other items! So it's best... Read more →


Nomad's & Lady Like - Prima Traveler's Journals

Hi there Sparkly peeps! I've been excitedly waiting for my Prima Traveler's Journals to arrive in Australia and gathering supplies to use with them while I wait - yes interpret this as hoarding! Now that they are finally here, I thought I'd show you my brand new Prima Marketing Traveler's Journals (aka Traveler's Notebooks or TN's) in the Nomad's and Lady Like Starter Sets and give them both a quick review. Please let me warn you that my review is... Read more →