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Recycled Packaging in Art Journals


Today I'm going to let loose my slightly WEIRD side with a cool idea for using some of that gorgeous packaging that you get on your art supplies!  I hope I'm not alone when I buy a new art supply and spend a minute or two marvelling over the beautiful packaging.  I mean that's not so weird right - they MAKE the packaging to be attractive, eye-catching and pretty so we want to buy the product!  Well, my latest purchase of a Black Dylusions art journal from Ranger had packaging just too pretty to throw away - so I decided to incorporate it into my journal as the very first page.


Recycled 1a

And no I'm not really trying to turn you to the dark side of hoarding, well not much............ 

This is the last project highlighting Stencilling and Masks (though I'm certain I'll be using these amazing tools on other projects during the year) - I hope you've learned a little and have had some fun with the February Class topic oxoxo



Cut the packaging into a variety of interesting shapes and glue onto your pages using Matte Gel.

Dylusions Recycled Packaging Page 1a

Use a stencil (I picked patterns that were similar to the images in the packaging, and the shapes I cut out) and Black Gesso to break up the shapes of the packaging by adding stencilled images over both the packaging and the background.  Then get in there with the paint left on the brush and really scruff up those edges!!

  Dylusions Recycled Packaging Page 2a

Add texture using Molding Paste and stencils, you can use the same ones you used before or introduce new images.  You are again aiming to break up the background and blur the line between the collage papers and the journal page.  Also smear a little of the paste around on the page to create interesting texture and a bit of shape to the page.

  Dylusions Recycled Packaging Page 3a

Add color to the Stenciled shapes using acrylic paints (Golden and Dina Wakley) - choose colours that compliment, though stand-out, against the background - make sure there is some variety in the paint you use for maximum interest.   Try adding one colour while another is still wet for interesting blends and then let other colors dry between layers for a different look.  Also flick a little of each colour over the background to scruff up that clean black paper.

  Dylusions Recycled Packaging Page 8a

Add some of the Gansai Tambi metallic paints onto and around the textured elements.


Dylusions Recycled Packaging Page 4a


Add some of the art alchemy paints to both the images, the texture and around the patterns and make sure whatever you do on one side you add a little to the other side as well.  Look at the amazing shimmer from the Art Alchemy paint - super gorgeous.

Dylusions Recycled Packaging Page 7a 

Once all the paint is dry, highlight some of the texture on the page using a gold wax paste and add some white paint pen and embellishments to really make the design pop.   Leave some of the paint pen as white lines and use your fingers to blend other sections into the background.

Recycled Packaging Page-2b sm

And your finished pages might look something like this, a blend of packaging and new texture, metallic and bright painted elements.  If I hadn't told you I was using packaging you would never guess!

  Dylusions Recycled Packaging Page final 10a

Here are a few close-ups so you can see the yummy details.

Recycled Packaging Page-6b sm

Recycled Packaging Page-3b sm

Recycled Packaging Page-4b sm

Recycled Packaging Page-5a sm


And of course I filmed the creation of this page so you can see exactly how this was done oxoxo