Stencil and Masks - What's The Difference?
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Bird Art Journal Page using Negative Space


Today I'm creating a page with Masks.  If you saw my last post you'll know that this month I'm playing with Masks and Stencils, and throwing in a few Magical Powder Paints for a little touch of sparkle!  I can't wait to show you how I've created my own blue wren mask and then used this as negative space in my art to create a simple, but eye-catching art journal page.  

  Negative Space Bird SQUARE 1a



Gathered together some favourite supplies:  I used my journal, Lindy's Magicals, a stamp from Postmodern Designs, a laser printed image of my favourite bird (this week that's an Australian Blue Wren - these little guys are completely adorable) and some Mask It masking film.  If you are also creating a bird page - try using your favourite bird, as this technique will look amazing for birds on the ground, a branch or even the beach!

  Negative Space Bird 3a

Start by making your own mask.  To make mine, I carefully traced the bird outline onto the Mask It and cut out my image.  The Mask It has a sticky back, which makes it perfect for masking when using liquid inks!  Stick the mask onto your journal page, press down firmly so you can be sure it has made contact with the paper. 

Negative Space Bird 2a


Mix your Magical powders with lots of water, so you can use it like a watercolour paint and then splash and slop (I know sooooo technical right!) the colours all over the page - I'll show you what I did in the clip below.

Negative space bird page-9

Let some areas puddle, let some bits dry, add some splashes, do a little painting, then flick on a few little spots of color to finish - basically have a whole lot of fun with no real specific end product in mind (unless you decide to create a watery ground or branch beneath the bird like I did).  Then leave your page to dry, as it dries you will be able to see the sparkle begin to appear in the Magicals.

Negative space bird page-1b

Once dry, stamp on the opposite page in coordinating ink (or try the Magical stamping idea I show you in the video), then either stamp in Archival ink or trace over the text using a Copic Multi Liner (or do both) to make it really stand out.

Negative Space Bird 4a

Add a small doodled design using pencils, to draw the focus to the bird and to add a little more decoration to the page.

Masked Bird 1a

And the page is finished!  Simple, loose and so much fun to create - who knows where the watery Magical paints will take your page.....

  Negative Space Bird 7a


In this video I will show you how to make your own mask and then use it to create a gorgeous art journal page.




I'm so glad I finally tried this as I do love how my little page turned out!