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Artist Interview for Lulu Art


I am so excited to announce that I will be a part of the Lulu Art Design Team for 2017. Kylie the owner of Lulu Art asked me to have a chat over a virtual coffee and let you all know a bit more about myself, so here goes....

Lulu Art DT Member 2017 

A bit about myself

Where do I begin, I’m a 40- something artist/crafter who likes to collect fabulous supplies.  My husband called me a ‘Sparkle Tart’ and now everyone else does as well.   I live in Townsville in QLD and spend my days working at James Cook University in Tech Support and Communications (yes I’m a total computer nerd!) and the people I work with have gotten used to seeing me with the odd bit of glitter somewhere – that stuff gets all over.  I get a great deal of joy from pottering about in my studio and from explaining to others how to use their supplies to create amazing art (perhaps because I used to be a teacher!), for some weird reason I also LOVE organising and cataloguing my art supply stash.  I don’t have one specific style, as I adore learning and creating too much to have settled into one particular look.  I adore mixed media (even before I knew it had a name!), in particular, I love mixing watercolour and acrylic products and techniques with everything.  If I’m being honest, often I just have a ball just messing about in my studio.  I really hate doing the exact same thing more than once, so am constantly evolving and trying out new ideas, supplies, and combinations.  I mostly create Art journal pages, cards and the occasional layout, canvas or off the page project and enjoy incorporating techniques, doodles and of course, there is always a little bling tucked away on my pieces somewhere!

Negative Space Bird 7a sm


How/When did I get interested in art?

My grandparents had a ‘busy table’ and since they were quite traditional (kids were supposed to be quiet), I spend a LOT of time at the busy table.  There was a great supply of pens, pencils and paper and I was happy to create for hours.  My Grandpa would often sit there with me and chat as I would draw – I love those memories.  I continued to create during Primary and High school, but began to feel inadequate and compare myself to others – one of the killers of creativity.  I would say my passion was rekindled while taking my very first art class, which was a requirement for my degree in Education.  I had the opportunity to get inky, try new ideas and I found my passion rekindled (I ended up being the class tutor the following year).  Since then I haven’t stopped creating and am so grateful to have this back in my life.

Recycled Packaging Page-6b sm

One of the first things I drew or painted?

I’ve been drawing since I can remember, the first specific thing I can remember trying to draw was ET after my Mum and I went to see the movie for my birthday. I can’t say it was a huge success. Everyone thought it was a teddy bear but for a 7 year old it was pretty momentous!  After that, I went through a horse phase for about 3 years – I think I drove my parents just a little nuts!

Black and White Layout-5a wm

Favourite piece of work that I have created?

This changes with the day. My current favourite is my Star Trek watercolour galaxy – probably because Karl Urban signed it and said it was ‘Very cool’ – sigh – I DIE!  You can see it here:

Star Trek Watercolor Close Up 3 wm sm


There are sooooo many artists I admire, but if I have to pick just one it would be Leonardo DaVinci – he appeals to both the artist and the science nerd in me.  I would love to go to the DaVinci museum one day.


What’s the best thing about being an artist?

Oh gosh, the freedom to create whatever your little heart and hands desire.  When things go right the amazing moment when you sit back and look at something and realise that I made THAT!

Card to Canvas Kate Palmer Art wm

Do I play music while I create and what inspires me?

Sometimes. I also create with a movie playing in the background or while singing to myself.  As for what type – Everything. It changes with my mood – I love pop songs, zen music, 80’s Rock, a little classical and some blues on occasion.  My taste in music is a bit like my taste in art – pretty eclectic!

Favourite thing to include in your work?

Colour and tiny elements, patterns or textures that you can only see up close and in person.  Sometimes it’s metallic powder, tiny gem stones, small doodles, just little touches that make things feel finished for me.  Though I also rarely finish something without adding a little sparkle somewhere.  I'm sure this will not come as a surprise!


What do I do when not creating?

I love to read, potter in the garden (I grow orchids), I love movies, I plan and organise, and I’ve even been known to play the odd computer game (dragons and treasure are mandatory).

LSG Guardian 3b sm

Favourite products to use?

Sparkles, paints, mica, sprays, embellishments, ink – if it sparkles I LOVE it!  Don’t make me pick just one, though I do love my sparkly sprays and powder paints from Lindy’s if you force me to pick a favourite.

Tips or inspiring words to share?

Focus on making your art interesting and enjoyable, rather than perfect!

LSG Mysterious Glance-7b sm

Where can you see my work?






Online classes?

I’ve got 2 classes on the go right now

Creative Cardmaking Basics – hosted with Big Picture Classes online – You don’t need every tool out there to make beautiful cards! Kate Palmer encourages you to take your basic supplies further by teaching you 14 amazing techniques using dye ink pads, stamps, embossing powder, paper and embellishments. She walks you through each technique with a detailed video, sharing helpful tips that will help you master each one. You’ll wrap things up by combining what you’ve learned into a series of cards, and leave the class with a creative arsenal full of clever techniques.

Sparkletart-group-rectangle-1a-main-image-800px Class (free) on YouTube
 – That’s Keep It Simply Sparkly for those who need to know.    Every week there is a new video, looking at SPARKLY PRODUCTS, ways to use them, swatch them and make them SHINE on your cards, layouts, pages, art journals and mixed media pieces.  Let’s have a little fun and Make Your Art SHINE!

Logo Template KISSing Class ST

So - what does this mean for YOU - well more art, more regularly, more mixed media projects and more free tutorials!

I hope you'll enjoy it oxoxo