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Lindy's and Imaginarium Blog Hop: Black and White Layout

3 Tips for Drawing Attention to Your Photo on a Busy Layout

Want to create a simple black and white scrapbook layout, that's heavy on the texture and draws attention to your photo?  Well, that's what I'm going to create today - so join me in having a play, whip out those sprays, reach for your embossing powders and have your embellishments at the ready.  Today I'm creating a layout using minimal color, Black, White and a touch of Gold (vintage, bright and matt) and the sparkle for this project (because you know it has to have some sparkle if it's me!) is coming from metals (embellishments and embossing powders), shiny beads and some of my much loved Lindy's sprays.


Black and White Colour Palette Inspiration 2016


3 Tips for Drawing Attention to Your Photo on a Busy Layout

This can be a bit of a challenge on occasion - you've created a stunning layout, the colors are fabulous, your embellishments are gorgeous, but the photo is fading into the background - WHOOPS!  Well on this layout I've used 3 guaranteed ways to make sure your photo is the star of the page.  While my layout is busy, textured and has heaps going on - the photo is still the main attraction and here's how I made that work.

  1. Print the photo in an unexpected tone, in this case, I printed the photo lighter than normal.  This creates surprise and interest and helps to draw your eye, especially against the dark background I've used - just don't go too light!
  2. Add elements to frame the photo.  I've added some wire in a circle around this image - this too helps draw the eye and ensure the photo is the focal point.  It also helps that our eyes like circular shapes and are naturally drawn to them!
  3. Choose a minimal color palette and stick to it.  For this page I chose black, white, grey and a touch of gold.  It helps not to have too many competing colors on a layout, too many colors can pull the focus from the image.  You will also notice I've kept my bling subtle - bling basically counts as a color, too much can be distracting - so on simple layouts best to Keep It Simply Subtle!

Black and White Layout-12 wm


To Create this Layout

Begin by spraying, splashing and splattering Lindy's spray Sidewalk Chalk onto a piece of 12 x 12 black card.  Add a total of 3 layers, allowing each layer to dry before adding the next - this results in more opaque whites and more interest to your background.

Black and White Layout-20 wm

Flick a little Bombshell Black and Grab a Guy Gold (also from Lindy's) onto the black card.  Spray some cheesecloth or gauze with Bombshell Black and dry with a heat gun, then use Asphalt Texture Paste from Faber Castell to add both texture and a little visual interest.  You might like to add a hint of stamping as well.

  Black and White Layout-15-2 wm

Once the background is dry it's time to emboss some chipboard embellishments in Obviously Black, Sidewalk Chalk and Caesars' Gold embossing powders from Lindy's.

Black and White Layout-14 wm

Attach your photo and add the final touches - perhaps some brass embellishments.

Black and White Layout-13 wm

A few beads or glitter glass...

Black and White Layout-16 wm

And a small flower, leaf and a little twine to frame the photo.

Black and White Layout-17 wm

Then step back, walk away - grab a coffee, tea, water (or a bikkie!) and come back and see if it needs anything more - resist the urge to add extra colors. 

Black and White Layout-1 wm

If you feel it needs a little something extra, play with texture, shiny or matt elements even patterns - but stick to your chosen colors.  For example, instead of embossing your chipboard phrase, try spraying with a matt spray like Sidewalk Chalk for a similar color, but slightly different effect.

Black and White Layout-5a wm
Black and White Layout-5a wm


You can watch as this is created right here:



I'm entering this into the September Mixed Media Place Mood Board Challenge, the colors are Black and White this month - just perfect.



Do you have any sure-fire ways to draw attention to your photo?  I'd love to hear what they are - please leave your ideas in the comments.