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Altering a Distress Ink Background to Make it Your OWN!

Altering a Distress Ink Background

I don't know about all of you out there but I ADORE Tim Holtz, I've even been lucky enough to attend 2 of his live, in person classes and meet him - yes there is a little hero worship happening - how could I resist an amazing artist and a really genuinely nice guy!!


Tim creates THE MOST divine grungy backgrounds and projects and I love following along and creating with him.  My problem begins when I've finished creating my Tim inspired background or piece - it's just not 'ME' it's not Sparkle Tarty enough lol!  You know what I mean by now - it needs foil, sparkle, glitter - something shiny!


In this video, I take one of my Tim inspired backgrounds and give it the Sparkle Tart treatment to make it a little more unique.





I hope this gives you a few ideas about how to take class pieces and make them a little more your own style!

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