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My Last Day as a LSG Designer

Feeling a little teary and nostalgic today, I've been on the Design Team for Lindy's Stamp Gang since 2010 and as of yesterday, I am no longer one of the LSG Designers.   I'm a little bit sad, as this has been so much fun and an amazing experience, but I'm also excited about what comes next - I'm also not really leaving (Lindy's is my TRIBE!).  

Don't feel sad for me, this was my choice, the wonderful Tracey owner of Lindy's has always supported me and has been so amazing to work with over the last 6 years.  But as one of my FaceBook friends commented - this really is a year of change for me and as scary as it is, I felt the time was right to try something different.  

I just wanted to say a BIG Thank you all who have shared my art and left the most wonderful comments on YouTube and the Lindy's Blog - I've deeply appreciated each and every one of them!  I'm not stopping using my most treasured art supplies, I'm just leaving the Design Team.  I'll still be posting clips on YouTube using my LSG products so keep an eye out for new stuff soon!  

I'm not leaving Lindy's I'm actually stepping into another role and will still be around, just not as a Designer - more on that soon!  So it's a new day, a year of changes and some super exciting stuff ahead!


Coffee and smile edited


Please raise a glass (or a coffee if you're me) to the fabulous Lindy's Stamp Gang and it's owner Tracey, maker of the BEST sparkly products and a truly wonderful bunch of people!  I am so excited to see what the new Design Team creates and what the future holds for both Lindy's Stamp Gang and me!