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How to Start Using Google Anayltics & What Reports To Look At First

I KNOW many of you reading this will have blogs or websites of your own, so I thought you may like to come along on this Blog Overhaul journey with me! Whether your blog is on TypePad or not, much the information I'll be discussing in this series '10 Ways To Improve Your Blog' is universal. Let's begin with the most important thing you can do to improve your blog! If you have a blog or a site you NEED... Read more →


My Last Day as a LSG Designer

Feeling a little teary and nostalgic today, I've been on the Design Team for Lindy's Stamp Gang since 2010 and as of yesterday, I am no longer one of the LSG Designers. I'm a little bit sad, as this has been so much fun and an amazing experience, but I'm also excited about what comes next - I'm also not really leaving (Lindy's is my TRIBE!). Don't feel sad for me, this was my choice, the wonderful Tracey owner of... Read more →