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My New Studio AKA What The Mess??

Hi All - I thought you might like a peek at my new art studio, please be kind as I've only recently moved in and have not yet found homes for everything! Truth be told it's a royal mess right now and I'm still looking for ways to organise, store and make the most of my space, so any suggestions or products - I'd love to hear them :) ; Enjoy this little look at my creative space, Read more →


3 Ways to Create Vintage Grunge Effects using Lindy's Stamp Gang Products

Today I'm going to look at 3 different ways to create vintage or grunge effects using your Lindy's Stamp Gang products. Now there are WAY more than 3 ways to do this, but I thought I'd share my 'go to' techniques, the ones that always work, are practically fool-proof and are all quick to do - the result, instant vintage grungy goodness for any project. 1. Vintage / Grunge Background Begin by glueing scraps of paper onto a tag (or... Read more →


Watercolour Effect Journal Page

Hello again - I hope you are all having an amazing month - I am, you know the kind of month where you walk around smiling, happy and singing to yourself - well that's me right now! The Lindy's Stamp Gang Color Challenge palette for May is stunning - absolutely stunning - it pairs some of my absolute favourite Lindy's colours of al time! I felt completely inspired by these colors so I decided to be brave and try something... Read more →