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What Are Moonshadow Mists & How Do You Use Them?

  Moonshadow mists sm

In today's post I am highlighting a product for Lindy's Stamp Gang - Moonshadow Mists.  Moonshadow Mists have been around since almost the beginning of Lindy's Stamp Gang, in fact they (or their predecessor - Moonshadow Inks) are what got me hooked on Lindys in the first place.  

What is a Moonshadow Mist? 

Moonshadow Mists are vintage themed sprays  - they all have a brown undertone (though the intensity of the brown varies) and a wide variety of subtle shimmer colours, to make it easy to match the spray to your project.  These are not bright or bold, they are soft and subtle (unless you purposefully overspray, or flick the colour onto your project - to create pools of shimmer!).  You can use them by themselves, combine Moonshadow colours or even use these alongside your Starburst Sprays, they are versatile and beautiful, whether you like vintage or not - you will love these!


Today I'll be showing you Golden Doubloons, Van Dyke Sepia, Landlubber Green, Smoky Sapphire  and Moonlit Mulberry

Golden Doubloons is one of my most frequently used Moonshadow Mists, it has a beautiful mid-tone brown which blends beautifully with most Starburst Spray colours and the golden shimmer  - well, gold pretty much goes with everything right!  When sprayed direct onto flowers or other porous surfaces the result is this pretty vintage brown with a hint of gold sparkle.

Moonshadow Mist LSG 1


Van Dyke Sepia is one of the darkest of the Moonshadow Mists, if you are looking for something along the lines of Walnut Ink then Van Dyke Sepia is the colour you want.  This has a more subtle shimmer than the other Moonshadow Mists, and if I want to use my dip pen and a mist as ink, this is the colour I reach for every time!

Moonshadow Mist LSG 6


I love to combine Smoky Sapphire and Moonlit Mulberry, the blue and purple shimmer plays so well off each other and the brown tones in the spray are quite similar.  You can spray these over the top of each other to blend the shimmers, or next to each other so the different shimmer colours stand out.

Moonshadow Mist LSG 6

When sprayed onto plain white cardstock it is easiest to see the variation in the Moonshadow Mist sprays - Golden Doubloons, Van Dyke Sepia, Landlubber Green, Smoky Sapphire and Moonlit Mulberry.  As you can see below all have the vintage brown base colour, with a wide variety of shimmer colours to choose from - all are stunning!

  Moonshadow Mist LSG colours


If you sprayed each colour onto your project you would get something like this.  I sprayed each colour next to the other, not on top of each other - this keeps the shimmer colours from muddying.  The shimmer is not usually quite this vibrant unless you overspray (which I did - just so you can see the differences).

Moonshadow Mist LSG colours


Like Starburst Sprays, when you first spray the Moonshadow Mists onto your project you may not see much shimmer (the shimmer is strongest when the product is dry).  This is what you should expect to see while the Moonshadows are wet - I have sprayed a light colour as the base and then 'flicked' drops of other Moonshadow colours over the top..

Moonshadow Mist LSG colours


This is how the same colours look when dry, see how the drops concentrate the sparkle!  By flicking the colour on, you end up with individual spots of each colour.

Moonshadow Mist LSG colours


And now for a quick look at a couple of previous project using Moonshadow Mists.


Whether subtle or sparkly, sprayed or flicked, I hope you will agree that Moonshadow Mists are beautiful and versatile, with so many more possible uses than just colouring vintage themed projects.