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Monochromatic Colouring - Pink Ribbon

Pink Ribbon Banner EDITED

Today I am playing with monochromatic colouring.  Monochrome is defined as 'using only one colour' this can include all the tints, tones and shades of that hue, for example a PINK monochromatic colour scheme could include wine, raspberry, hot pink, baby pink etc.  In support of breast cancer awareness today's project is a pink ribbon.

Pink Ribbon Monochrome 3ca


  • Copic Sketch Markers: RV0000, RV000, RV00, RV02, RV04 & RV17
  • X-Press It Blending Card
  • Copic Blending Fluid in a mister bottle
  • Copic Multi Liner 0.5  (Pink)



1. Draw or print ribbon onto X-Press It Blending Card - I've chosen to draw a very light outline.

Pink Ribbon Monochrome 1

2. Colour whole image with RV0000 as a base, this will help your colours to blend better.

Pink Ribbon Monochrome 2

3. Then add your second darkest colour to mark out the darker areas on your ribbon - I used RV04.

Pink Ribbon Monochrome 8

4. Lay down your mid tone, RV02 this should really begin to define the light and shade areas.

Pink Ribbon Monochrome 9

5. Add your darkest colour, to help define the shadows, I used RV17, use sparingly - you can always add more later.

Pink Ribbon Monochrome 10

6. Go over your previously coloured areas and begin blending using the same colours as before RV17 and RV04.  I am avoiding the very lightest areas at this point, so I don't over colour.  I'm using the flicking method to add my colour and a little tip-to-tip blending.

Pink Ribbon Monochrome 11

7. Finally add the light colours back in, blend with RV02 and add in Rv00 and Rv000.

Pink Ribbon Monochrome 12

8. Continue building layers of colour until you are happy with the ribbon image, mine is a little darker than I originally intended so that it I could add some texturing (because texture is created using the Colorless blender, it can wash out the colour - so I went darker to compensate!).

Pink Ribbon Monochrome 4

9. Spray some textured material with Copic Colorless Blender, and press onto your coloured image, you can read more about this technique here.  This can make the colour bleed towards the edges of the image - but you can clean this up later.

Pink Ribbon Monochrome 5

10. Clean up the edges with white pen or pencil for crisp lines, add a little text with the Copic Pink Multi Liner and you are finished.

Pink Ribbon Monochrome 7 edited 

Now don't forget that October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  To help support the McGrath Foundation in the fight against breast cancer, Copic Marker Australia is running a giveaway over on Instagram - why not enter, support breast cancer awareness and go into the draw for an amazing prize!

Copic awareness

 So why not join in and Think Pink for October!