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Make Your Own Custom D.I.Y Ribbon Planner Tassel

Today I'm going to show you how to make your own D.I.Y. Ribbon Planner Tassel using leftover ribbon, bits n bobs and your Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst Sprays.  Yes that's right, we are using our Starbursts to colour ribbons, the colour takes beautifully since the 'base' of the sprays is fabric dye.  So why not make it yours and create something in any colour or style that you like, coordinate it with your planner, or make a bunch of tassels so you can change your planner bling to suit your page layouts!  

DIY Planner Tassel

You Will Need

Lindy's Stamp Gang 

Other Items

  • Ribbon 8 x 12cm lengths of assorted ribbon or ric rac and 1 x 20cm length of ribbon
  • Beads, embellishments or bling
  • Gold or silver embroidery thread
  • Gold twisted/braided cord - 30cm 
  • Glossy Accents or similar product to prevent fraying


To Make Your Ribbon Tassel

1.  Use sharp scissors to cut ribbon to correct lengths, 8 x 12cm pieces and 1 x 20cm piece, lay ribbon pieces flat on a plastic or glass surface.

DIY Planner Tassel using LSG Starbursts 1a

2.  Spray each piece with a different colour of Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst spray.  I used  Tea Pot PurpleFrench Lilac VioletTiffany Lou Blue, Blue Hawaiian BlueMad Hatter MintShabby Turbine Teal and Time Travel Teal.  
NB: It's a good idea to spray any ric rac with paler colours as it soaks up and concentrates the colour.   

DIY Planner Tassel using LSG Starbursts 2a

3. Carefully add a tiny amount of Glossy Accents to the end of each piece of ribbon to prevent fraying - allow this to dry.

DIY Planner Tassel using LSG Starbursts 3a


4.  Gather all of the smaller ribbon pieces together and lay across the middle of the longer piece of ribbon.   

DIY Planner Tassel using LSG Starbursts 4a

5. Use the longer piece of ribbon to tie a knot around the short ribbons.  Make sure your knot is as tight as possible.  I tied a double knot in mine to be certain it would hold together.

DIY Planner Tassel using LSG Starbursts 5a

6. The side with the knot will become the underside of your tassel.  Fold the tassel in half with the knot on the bottom, so it remains hidden.  

DIY Planner Tassel using LSG Starbursts 6a

7. Use gold embroidery thread to wind around the top of the tassel, making a little top-knot (there should be enough room to slide some cord through the top later).  I used a clip to hold everything tight while I wound my thread around the ribbons.  Tightly knot the ends of the gold thread and tuck the knot under the wound threads, or leave it dangling as part of the tassel.

DIY Planner Tassel using LSG Starbursts 7a

8.  Thread the twisted gold cord through the top knot.  Add beads or embellishments for something extra special, then thread the cord back through the beads to create a loop.  

DIY Planner Tassel using LSG Starbursts 8a 

9. Tie a knot in the cord (add glossy accents to the knot to make sure it stays knotted) and then slip the knot inside the tassel top knot to hide it.  Push your bead or embellishment down the cord until it sits flat against the tassel.  Attach your tassel to your planner and there you go, a completely unique D.I.Y ribbon tassel that you can customise to perfectly match your planner and you own personal style.

DIY Planner Tassel using LSG Starbursts 9a


I hope you've enjoyed seeing something a bit different that can be done using your fabulous Lindy's Stamp Gang products!  If you decide to make your own ribbon tassel, please post a photo over on the Lindy's Stamp Gang Facebook page.