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Disqus Commenting Disabled

So disappointed right now!  Guys I have to apologise - to everyone who has left a comment on my blog, to which I have not replied - I say a heartfelt sorry!  


About 18 months ago I added Disqus commenting to my blog, every now and then it would notify me that someone had left a comment, which I would reply to, because not only are you all important to me but I honestly love chatting with you!  Over the weekend I was scooting around tidying up older posts, and found a whole bunch of comments I never knew about - I'm talking quite a few here - more than 50!  It seems that I wasn't being notified about every comment, just those on newer posts!  

I am so embarrassed - I never even knew you were all commenting.

I have now turned off Disqus and gone back to standard commenting - means you all won't see pretty icons and I'll need to keep an eye out for spam, but at least I will know you are talking to me.  Just to make it worse there is no export from Disqus (cause why would anyone ever want to do that!) - so I will lose all my previous comments from you all.

I hope you can forgive my silence, it was absolutely not intentional and if there is anything you would like to say or ask about any of my posts please do leave a comment.  I have missed hearing from you all!