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Copic Markers: Using Glossy Card & Colouring Photos

Today I am using Copic Markers to add hints of colour to printed photos. Sounds easy enough doesn't it! Though it sounds easy, using Copic Markers on glossy photo paper isn't quite as simple as colouring on uncoated paper, there are quite a few factors in play that can affect your results. Not to worry - in the following post I will show you several techniques and go over a few important tips for colouring with Copic Markers on glossy... Read more →


Disqus Commenting Disabled

So disappointed right now! Guys I have to apologise - to everyone who has left a comment on my blog, to which I have not replied - I say a heartfelt sorry! About 18 months ago I added Disqus commenting to my blog, every now and then it would notify me that someone had left a comment, which I would reply to, because not only are you all important to me but I honestly love chatting with you! Over the... Read more →


Doodling Tricks & Tips: Using Your Leftover Ink or Paint

I've mentioned before that I will often use leftover spray ink, paint etc to add colour to a blank page. Yes I really do this and when feeling a bit aimless I will use one of these pre-coloured random backgrounds. As you may expect the results are shall we say, a little unpredictable, especially since when wiping up leftover inks I completely disregard what might look good, what colours match and anything else resembling an actual thought process - I... Read more →