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Why I Love Copic Multiliners

There are a LOT of pens on the market today - I should know since I own half of them (ok well maybe not really half - but I'm working on it - big grin!)  I am often asked to recommend something to use with Copic markers or doodling -  let me tell you that hands down the BEST pens to use with your Copic markers or doodling are the Copic Multiliners.  Let me tell you a bit about them ....  grab a cup of coffee, tea or water - this is a bit of a longer post!


There is a lot to love about Copic Multiliners!


Copic Multiliners come in 2 body styles the Multiliner and the Multiliner SP

Multi Liner types wm

 Both styles have:

  • Copic safe ink - so you can colour over images drawn in Multiliner without damaging your Copic Markers
  • Wide array of colours and coordinating coloured packs available (there is even HOT pink!)
  • Variety of sizes and styles of nib including: 0.03 mm, 0.05 mm, 0.1 mm, 0.3 mm, 0.5 mm, 0.8 mm, 1.0 mm and Brush 
  • Ink is archival, acid free, fade resistant and waterproof on most porous surfaces (if in doubt heat set)



The biggest differences between the two styles are:

  • The Multiliner is cheaper and disposable, but for a little extra you can buy the Multiliner SP which is refillable (so will save you money in the long run).
  • The Multiliner SP is available in a wider range of colours and you can change the nibs (so if you are a bit heavy handed, no problems, just swap out the nib when it starts to get ratty).
  • The Multiliner SP also has a cool metal barrel which is lovely to hold!

 The Multiliner SP is my FAVOURITE!




  • Multiliners are great for embellishing a stamped design or filling in any areas of a stamped image that have mis-stamped.
  • Multiliners are not recommended for use over waxy substances (crayon or pencil), the wax may prevent the ink from drying creating smears and can clog your nib
  • Copic Multiliners are permanent on many surfaces once dry, heat-set the ink to be certain.
  • Multiliners work beautifully over watercolours, producing a consistent even line


These are a few of my past projects that use Copic Multiliners.

 Stendoodled Feather Card

Copic Doodled Feather Card-17

Copic Lettering Christmas Card

Copic Typography Christmas-10

Why do I love Copic Multi Liners?

OK so by now you know I do BAD things with my pens and markers, if the manufacturer recommends you DON'T do something then for certain that's what I'll want to do - doesn't always work out so well for the pen!  It's not intentional, I'm not trying to be mean to my pens or a rebel - I just like to play :)  Well let me tell you those Copic Multiliners are built tough, in fact they are almost Sparkle Tart proof!  

  1. They love smooth paper and card, but when used over rough surfaces like rough watercolour card, texture etc the nibs do NOT split (unlike  another very expensive doodling pen brand I purchased and ruined on the second use!).
  2. The ink doesn't 'spit', you know when you go over a bump or change direction and some pens fling little drops of ink off the nib and you get a little spray of ink - none of that from these!
  3. They may not be recommended for use over pencil, paint etc, but they work rather beautifully - and are amazing over dry mat medium, glazing liquid etc - you may just have to scribble the gunk from the nib on occasion and I do this at the end of each non-recommended use - just scribble on scrap paper until the ink flows smoothly again.  AND if you clog up the nib beyond repair - you can replace it!!  Sigh of delight for those of us who are naughty!
  4. The Multiliner SP barrel is a wonderful weight and I don't feel like I have to grip it so hard, so I don't get tired cramped hands when doodling - who knew!
  5. The range of colours and sizes are fabulous, from super fine to thick and chunky - there's one for every project - or like me you can just buy a few favourite sizes!

There is a lot more to love, but those are my favourite features and I don't want to gush over these too badly!  Just so you know this is just my personal opinion, unpaid and unbiased.

In all fairness I have to confess the larger BS tips and I do not get along well, I press too hard and mangle these - though the smaller BS tips are beautiful!  If you are heavy handed like me, perhaps avoid these large brush nibs and stick to the other nib options.   

Copic Nibs a wm

New to Doodling?

If you are new to doodling I would recommend grabbing the Copic Multiliner (standard or SP) in 0.5, 0.3 and perhaps a 1 to begin with.  See how you like them and how fine a line you want to produce before trying other sizes.  The doodling on this image was all done with these 3 nib sizes - between the three you can create an amazing range of lines!  The colour was added using a Copic Air Brush System (ABS) you can read more about the Copic ABS here.

Masked - 2 b sm wm co

My current favourite colours for doodling are Sakura Pink, Mint, Light Grey and of course Black.

OK that's it from me for the moment, I hope I don't hear any snoring out there after such a long post :)