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Using Props to Enhance Your Photos: Part 1 - Glasses

Time to change up my photos with some props, angles and colours!  I love looking at blogs, I love looking at photos and I'm slightly addicted to Pinterest and Instagram.  BUT most of all I adore looking at beautiful photos, and by the numbers of people on these photo platforms I don't think I'm alone.  So I'm going to have a look at a variety of props that are easily available and can make your photos just that bit more special, interesting and YOU (well in this case ME lol!!!).  I'll talk about beautiful photos later - after I've had a chance to play with these new ideas first :)


So I've been looking at photos I LOVE on Pinterest and the blogs of some artists I admire, looking for common elements that speak to me, things I'm drawn to and items where I feel a prop has enhanced the artwork, photo or atmosphere.

What have I discovered?

Prop #1: Glasses

Fashion accessories are an amazing way to help change-up or style your photos of both yourself and your artwork.  They already come in an amazing array of colours and styles, you probably already own some and they are pretty much available everywhere!

My first must have prop accessory are glasses!

Yep, I like that you can create a whole new look - serious or playful just by putting on some killer glasses - whether you actually need them or not.  Honestly I think glasses are kind of sexy, whether you love the black framed nerd glasses, barely there frameless or the bold leopard print numbers - there is literally a style to suit everyone!  These are a few of my favourite bloggers, artists and online peeps in some of their gorgeous glasses... 

The stunning Jane Davenport completely rocks her black  glasses!   Jane “Danger” Davenport is an internationally recognized artist, prize-winning author and popular workshop instructor.  Jane is wearing lovely big glasses that frame her eyes and draw the focus to her beautiful face.



Donna Downey, prefers something with a little colour - I notice these glasses compliment her hair and are both funky and sophisticated!  Donna Downey is a bestselling author, instructor and all-around creative force. As a mixed-media artist, Donna is a born experimenter, blending and transforming both traditional and unexpected items into meaningful pieces of self expression.



The fabulous Dyan Reaveley has been known to sport this cute little leopard print pair! Dyan describes her job title as 'Art journaling Drama Queen...!! Oh ok then, Owner, designer and tutor at Art from the Heart headquarters, designer and creator of Dylusions, International Senior Educator for Ranger.'  Whatever the title I love these glasses.


You may have noticed I use the same photo of myself over and over in my art work - well it's because it's the only photo I've been happy with recently. I think that with the help of some artful props I might be able to take a few new photos to use. I am certainly loving glasses as props!

So what to get to try out this look for myself.  After much online shopping, I grabbed these fabulous and adorable glasses from Firmoo - love the 2 colour black & white frame, I think the dual colour looks more interesting than the usual black glasses and I love the way it frames my eyes and adds some interest to the photo.  Expect to see this photo in some upcoming projects.



Now I have to give Firmoo a little shout out - I'll always do that for amazing service or products!  I was a bit nervous about picking glasses off the net, but there was a great little app on the website where you can upload your pic and virtually try on the glasses.  Once I'd picked my pair - with a little help from my hubby, it only took a few days for my glasses to arrive (and I'm in Australia!).  They are exactly as described, perfect, fit exactly, have anti-reflective coating and even came with a case and cleaning cloth - all for under $25!  These are fabulous for photos as the anti-reflective coating looks crystal clear and there were hundreds to choose from.  So thanks Firmoo - mightily impressed I may even be back for a second pair!  

NB: I was not paid to write a favourable review (and wouldn't deal with anyone who asked me to!) this is just my opinion.

 Don't forget, props aren't just great for people portraits, how adorable is this cat!



I think I can safely say we have moved away from the era of glasses being a loathed necessity, hidden in the bottom draw when not in use, and into the age where glasses are a funky fashion accessory, dare I say a MUST HAVE item!  I was sure surprised at how much I like mine and how much just slipping on a pair of glasses can change the look of the photo - a quick and easy way that you can use a prop to enhance your options and give a different look to your pages.

I'd love to see what you look like in your favourite glasses! 



Found this cool post on choosing the right kind of frames for you face over at The Chriselle Factor - thought you may be interested!!!