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Copic Various Inks - for Sunset Blooms

Goodmorning, today I am looking at Copic Various Inks.  Various Ink refills are part of what make the Copic system truly amazing. All 358 marker colors have a matching bottle of ink. Each bottle will fill a dry marker up to 15 times, depending on the style of marker. Each bottle of ink has a built in dropper tip for simple application. The airtight inner seal prevents the ink from drying out for many years.  

Copic Various Ink Doodled Flowers-4 wm

Now while it's true their intended purpose is to refill your markers,  they are an amazing art supply all by themselves, incredibly versatile and perfect for creating alcohol ink based art projects.  Today I am using Copic Various inks in 2 different ways, allowing you to incorporate more inky fun into your cards, pages, canvas or scrapbooking layouts.  




  • Copic Various Inks: V15, BV04, RV19, V06, R35, RV32, Y38, YR04 & YG01
  • Copic Colorless Blender
  • Copic Multi Liner in 0.3 & 0.5
  • X-Press It Mixed Media Journal
  • Kirarina Wink Pens - Precious Set 
  • Chromacryl Gesso
  • Paint Palette, brush & mister

  Copic Various Ink Flowers 1a wm


Begin by preparing a page in your X-Press It Mixed Media Journal with gesso, if you would like a white background paint the page with white gesso. If you would like a coloured background, then add a few drops of Various Ink to your gesso to create a tint. Wait for the gesso to dry before trying step 2.

Copic Various Ink Flowers 1a2 wm

Step 2  - Add one drop of Various Ink onto your background, because the paper has been sealed, the ink will spread and wick forming a circular shape. I used R35 as the first colour. For larger circles add a second or even a third drop of ink.

Copic Various Ink Flowers 1a3 wm

Step 3  - To create some variation add a single drop of Various Ink - Colorless Blender to the center of each circle. This will create a paler area in the middle of your circle.

Copic Various Ink Flowers 1a4 wm

Step 4 - To create a more interesting looking circle add a single drop of a different colour to the center. I used Y38. You may notice that a single drop of any colour travels almost the same distance over the gesso!

Copic Various Ink Flowers 1a5 wm


Step 5 - To create smaller circles, add 3 drops of colour and 2 drops of Colorless blender to a plastic surface, mix together and apply using an old paint brush. Adding a smaller amount of liquid/ink results in a smaller circle! You can use the brush to create smaller flowers, flower centers or add little drops of colour to the background.

Copic Various Ink Flowers 1b wm


Repeat Steps 2-5 using a variety of Copic Various Ink colours, until you have almost covered your background. This example uses: V15, BV04, RV19, V06, R35, RV32, Y38 & YR04

Copic Various Ink Flowers 2a wm


Step 6 - Add a little Various Ink - Colorless Blender to a small mister and lightly spray the Colorless Blender over your pattern - this will create random spots and create pattern and interest. 

Copic Various Ink Flowers 2a1 wm


Step 7 - Use Copic Multi Liners 0.3 & 0.5 to add a doodled designs and embellish your circles. I made my circles look like flowers by adding lines to resemble petals.

Copic Various Ink Flowers 2a3 wm 

Step - 8 Use Kirarina Wink pens from the Precious Metals set to add touches of pearl and metal to your design - once dry you can draw over the ink with your Copic Multi Liners for extra detail.

Copic Various Ink Flowers 2a5 wm

This is some of the pattern up close - the Various Inks give the most amazing concentrated colour to your projects.  Sigh - so vibrant and beautiful!

Copic Various Ink Flowers 2a6 wm


And the finished project looks like this...

Copic Various Ink Doodled Flowers-4 wm

Copic Various Ink Doodled Flowers-4 wm

So grab your Various Inks and use them on your next project - they're not just great for refilling you markers, but are fabulous all on their own.