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Scenic Layer Card - C.A.S.

Today I'm going to show you a simple but stunning technique using Magicals from Lindy's Stamp Gang.  This process proved so simple, stress-free and downright gorgeous that I'm thinking of using this technique for my Christmas cards - though it could be adapted for any occasion.  You won't need many supplies to make this, but is is important to use a smooth watercolour card, a good self-adhesive stencil and a highly pigmented watercolour (you know Magicals are my favourite variety!).  Apart from that it may take a little trial and error to perfect your colour combinations, but the process itself is very simple - I'll show you :)


LSG One Layer Card-5 

You Will Need:

Lindy's Stamp Gang Products

Other Products

  • Arches 180 GSM Smooth Watercolour paper
  • X-Press It Stencil Sheets
  • White Gel Pen
  • Water Brush
  • Stamps
  • Ink Pads 

To Make This:

Gather your favourite watercolour card, watercolour paints and stencil material.

LSG One Layer Card-1

 Cut the stencil to create protective left and right edge (just straight strips) and wavy lines to create rolling hills.  Place stencil onto paper already cut to size and apply water to the top section.  The water will help the colours to blend together without any lines.


Begin with your palest colour, mine was Tiffany Lou Blue.  Dip the water brush directly into the powder and then apply to the paper.  Begin painting where you want your colour to appear darkest and without adding any more powder, blend the colour  using the water in the brush.  I often keep going until the colour is all used up.

Clean your water brush and dip into the purple, making sure the brush is nice and wet, begin adding purple to your project, using the water in the brush to help blend the 2 colours together on the paper.


The black is the tricky part, so add carefully.  I added black, wiped off the brush and then dragged it into the purple.  I also added some purple and blue into the black - so it didn't look like 3 coloured stripes.  
This is your sky finished.


Leave to partially dry before moving the 'mountain' mask. 

LSG One Layer Card-2

For the mountains, I wanted lighter colours, something softer.  To achieve this, I added a tiny, tiny bit of Magicals powder to the lid of the pot and mixed with a few drops of water to create a pale wash.


Apply the wash the same way as the darker colours, begin with your lightest colour, touching the brush to the paper where you want the colour to appear darkest and blend out from there.  Leave a little strip uncoloured where the 'sky' and 'mountains' meet - this will stop the colours bleeding.


Follow the same process with the black and purple, then leave until some of the water has dried, before you move the 'mountain' stencil down.  Keep repeating this process of moving the mountain stencil, until your section is fully coloured.


To help prevent colours bleeding into each other, don't colour all the way up to the section above - leave a small uncoloured gap between each. 


Allow to dry completely and remove the stencil, decorate your background with stamps or you could even doodle over your image.   If any paint has seeped under the stencil, use a white gel pen to cover it up.  
Isn't that sparkle gorgeous!


 Now I managed to drop a black ink pad squarely on top of my background, so the finished card I'm showing has different colours.  


This background was created using the same process, but the colours are:  
Witch's Potion PurpleBatchelor Button Blue) & Pretty in Pink Pink


Finished it looks like this...


I was really happy with this, not only was it easy and hassle free, I can re-use the stencil to create more of these in a variety of colours!  I hope you might give this one a try - I'm thinking I may use this for 2015 Christmas cards ....