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Steampunk Inspired Abstract Father's Day Card

I took one look at this month's Lindy's Stamp Gang Color Challenge and knew exactly what I was going to create! Does that happen to you sometimes? Without being conscious of it, I've been thinking about something like this for a while - it's funky, it's abstract and depending on your colour choices it could be a perfect masculine Birthday or Father's Day card! If you don't have the wire you could substitute with string or twine - the important... Read more →


Stendoodling with Copics

Today I have a little GIVEAWAY and a new project using my much loved Copic products and some simple doodles. Now this is a wonderful place to begin for anyone who is new to doodling or colouring with Copics, all you need are a few stencils, your favourite colours and a little time. The reason that this is so great for beginners, is that this project uses a technique called Stendoodling. What is Stendoodling? Well to create a Stendoodle you... Read more →


Create Interesting Mixed Media Hair using Lindy's Stamp Gang Products

Today I'm going to show you how to create interesting Mixed Media hair with depth and texture (I only wish my photos were better on this one!). You can use this technique on canvas or paper and it results in a project that you want to reach out and touch - to run your fingers over the pattern and surface (well I do any how!). This doesn't need to be limited to hair either, it would be amazing as an... Read more →