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Vickie Hallmark - An Amazing Artist!

Has anyone else ever noticed that arty types have the BEST and most interesting jewelry and accessories?  You know when you are at a craft fair or store and you notice someone else there has an amazing handmade scarf, or bag or bracelet  - well this has happened to me at least!   While I didn't find Vickie at a craft fair, I did find her amazing jewelry while searching for art journal ideas - you can read my post here!  

Aqua sig

I've been drooling over Vickie's bird jewelry for a while now and I just kept coming back to her 5 moons bracelet, there was just something about this that called my name.  So a few months before Christmas (as I'm always hard to buy for) I emailed Vickie to ask if she had time and how much a custom bracelet like the 5 moons would cost - well there began a wonderful adventure. 

Hallmark 5 Moons bracelet dark 1000x500


We emailed back and forth a little, discussing birds, settings and some custom touches (I had some stones from an old ring I had hoped to have worked into the design) and after settling on the details Vickie began her creative process, and I got to watch as my bracelet took shape - which was particularly exciting watching another artist create in a medium which is completely foreign to me.  Vickie began with shaping the panels and adding the background texture.


 She then began creating a flock of birds, and a garden of leaves and flowers, I can't imagine what she thought of me when I asked if my birds could be 'fatter' - I really love the plump little wrens that we have here in Australia, you can see some of them on my Pinterest board!


 The elements were then added to the base plates and I could literally see it all coming together!


At this point I began to get excited and couldn't wait to receive my Christmas present.


Vickie sent me a picture of the finished piece and I felt so special and privileged to be able to have something so unique and beautiful - since Christmas Day I've barely had it off my wrist!
The birds are (from left to right):  Humming bird, Nuthatch, Owl, Wren, and Warbler and you can see the details of the Australian Moons Bracelet on Vickie's site.



I feel so lucky to have been able to work with Vickie to create this beautiful piece of jewellery - she was truly amazing throughout the whole process from discussing the design and components, to customising the birds just for me. Not only did I get to watch as it happened, but I now own a piece of custom art that I can see, admire and appreciate every day.  You may not be able to see it from the photo, the details are amazing - right down to the wings and embellishments on each spray of flowers, every day I fall in love with this all over again.  So thank you so much Vickie - this piece of art truly has found a loving new home! 

You can see more of Vickie's amazing jewellery and art over on her wordpress blog.