The Earth Laughs in Flowers Journal Page
International Women's Day 8th March

Doodled Journal Page using Negative Space and Neon

OK so this one was a bit of a challenge (I'm waiting for the smaller Hazel and Ruby alphabet stencil masks to arrive!) but in the mean time I thought I'd have a play with what I've got!  Today I decided to try combining a range of products to produce a colourful doodled journal page in my journal.  If you wanted to try this on a less time consuming scale it would also make a fabulous card front or scrap book page accent!  Inspired by Tracy Verdugo I decided to try a layered effect for this page, playing and trying new things is part of what I enjoy the most about crafting.  Sometimes you discover an awesome new look other times it's a learning experience - this turned out to be a combination of the two, but I would definitely do this again.

Soar 1d3 wm 

What I Used:

  • X-Press It Blending Card
  • Hazel and Ruby Stencil Mask - Broadside Alphas
  • Copic Markers - Y35, BG07 & YG06 
  • Molotow Paint pens - Neon Pink 2mm nib, Grasshopper 2mm, Zinc Yellow 2mm, Shock Blue 2mm, Signal White 4mm
  • Lindy's Stamp Gang Sprays - Fuzzy Navel Peach, Tiffany Lou Blue, Blue Hawaiian,  Cotton Candy Pink and Jack in the Pulpit Teal
  • Copic Spica - Melon and Clear
  • Copic Multi-Liner: 0.5 nib

To Make this Yourself:

Begin by colouring 2 pages in your X-Press It Blending Journal using the Sorbet set of sprays from FabScraps - I randomly sprayed each colour one over the other and then left this to dry.  This does get a bit wet - so you could also spray onto two pieces of A5 Blending card and glue these in later - which is what I did.  Once dry, use either X-Press It Triple Tac or Matt Medium to seal this layer before continuing.  

I'd love to find a medium that seals the Starbursts WITHOUT dulling their sparkle.

  Doodling 1 a


Next I grabbed a bright selection on Molotow markers and using stencils and doodles, added designs all over the background.  This needs to dry completely before continuing.

  Doodling 1 c


Using the Broadside Alpha Stencil Masks from Hazel and Ruby, create a word on one of the pages - I chose SOAR - I had to keep the word fairly short to fit on my page.

  Doodling 1 d


I then created a custom bird mask using X-Press It Mask It film - soooo easy.  I printed a bird the size I wanted and then placed the image under the transparent Mask It - traced it onto the Mask It with a sharpie and then cut out my bird - presto - custom image!  You could also use an electronic cutting machine if you have one.

  Doodling 1 e


With the masks in place I used the same colours of Molotow markers to tone down the areas surrounding the bird and word.  I dotted paint over the background and used my fingers to smoosh it around and create 'halos' around the images.  Remove the masks and wait for the paint to dry completely.

  Doodling 1 g

Now you could stop right here, but I felt like adding some doodling to the page, I had intended to just add a little - but got a wee bit carried away.  

Using my 0.5 Copic Multi Liner (which happens to be my favourite journaling pen) I went overboard and doodled across the entire background.

  Doodling 1 f


Once done with the doodling my page looked like this.  I felt I needed to bring focus back onto the bird and the word a little.

  Doodling 1 h


So the next thing I did was colour some of the doodled designs using my Copic markers.  I have some I keep just for using in my journal - I will need to replace the tips on these eventually as using your Copics over acrylic paint will eventually clog the nibs.  I also added a little AtYou Spica and some shading to highlight the important elements.  I may go back and add some details with my White Extra Fine Molotow marker in the future - but for the moment I will let it stay as it is.

  Soar 1d3 wm

 AND if you're not into journaling - you could easily use part of the design on a card like this...

Soar card wm

Why not add some doodling to your next project?