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Molotow One4All Paint Markers


molotow paint marker one4allHi All - I'm here today to tell you about the yumminess that is Molotow One4All Paint Markers, that's pronounced 'Molo-toff' by the way(I asked the company!) like the molotov cocktail.  

First a little about what makes the Molotow One4All special:

  • The One4All is a versatile acrylic based paint marker, which has a highly pigmented, solvent-free, hybrid-paint, able to cover nearly every surface, indoor and outdoor!  
  • The paint colours can be mixed together to create your own unique colours, the paint is silk-matt, quick-drying and is totally opaque.
  • As an added bonus the markers are refillable, yes you read that correctly - 30ml refills are available for a for all One4All colours (excluding metallics).  
  • Another fabulous thing is that the nibs of all the markers in the range can accept replacement nibs - these just keep sounding better don't they.  Just select a nib to match the marker size and mix and match as you like.  
  • There is a special mixing ball (just shake each time before use) which evenly distributes the pigment through the paint for even colour.  
  • They also have a special valve which provides controlled paint flow and produces a wonderful even flow (this works beautifully unless you depress the nib one to many times and flood the nib - guess who did that!).   You can see more info about this special valve here:

I adore the fact that these work on paper (sealed of unsealed), metal or plastic.  I also love that there is no nasty smell when using these, plus the fact you can use them in so many different ways - keep reading for a quick review.

Now the advertising says that when dry, these are permanent.  I tested this, and while completely true on porous surfaces, on non-porous surfaces (plastic or coated papers) you can remove the paint if you scrub at it with a water brush - so the permanency depends on the surface it is applied to.  

The One4All range (2mm & 4mm) includes:

  • 21 Main Colours (refillable)
  • 9 Pastel Colours (refillable)
  • 4 Neon Colours (refillable)
  • 6 Metallic Colours (non refillable)

NB: There are also 2 Extra Fine (EF) 1mm nib markers available, in Signal Black or Signal White.  I wish the EF came in more colours as this is my FAVOURITE!

Molotow 2mm marker color chart

Results of my Tests

White Marker on uncoated black absorbent cardstock - the outside line of the heart is just one coat of paint - the inner dots/letters I went over 2-3 times to build up the paint.  Please note - I have altered the contrast in Photoshop to highlight the opacity of the paint coverage.  You can see the coverage with one coat of paint on absorbent card is not 100% opaque - but you can add more layers to improve this.

Molotow- 1a
Molotow- 1a


On coated paper (from a glossy magazine page) - you can see coverage is almost perfectly opaque with just one coat of paint from the white 4mm nib.

Molotow- 2


On plastic the coverage is perfectly opaque with just one coat of paint from the Neon Pink Fluorescent 2mm nib.

  Molotow 9

You can apply Molotow marker over coloured substrate (in this case dye ink spray) without colour bleeding - no need to seal.  Written with 1mm nib - Signal White.  

Molotow 7

Once dry, you are able to apply one colour of Molotow marker over another without colour bleeding - colours used 2mm nib - Grasshopper and Currant with 1mm nib - Signal White over the top.  You can also see from this that the plain colours lay down without streaking - even on uncoated paper!

Molotow 5


The metallics on the other hand do not - the metallic particles streak quite badly on uncoated papers.

Molotow 8


On non-porous surfaces (eg coated paper, plastic, or coated with Matt Medium) you can smudge the paint for soft effects, also able to smudge on uncoated papers - just not as smooth.  
2mm Grasshopper Marker used.

Molotow 4
Molotow 4

Can mix with water for sheer wash 


Act as a resist with water based markers - this is only good for quick light washes.  If you plan on scrubbing at the paper or applying a think coat then the resist will not be so crisp.  
2mm White marker used and a wash of Raspberry Gelato over the top.

Molotow 6



Finally you can also dilute the paint from the marker (I scribble on plastic and use a water brush) and apply it as a wash.  Neon Pink Fluorescent 2mm nib for wash and the central heart.  1mm EF Signal Black used to outline the heart.

Molotow 10


  • They work over any surface, but are truly stunning on non-porous surfaces!
  • Do not seem to take on the colour of substrate even when it's a dye ink - very handy quality for journalers or doodlers
  • Water Soluble - so can use as a wash and spread colour with water brush.
  • Paint flows freely from nib (so far every time I've used them)
  • Once flowing you should not need to depress the nib to release paint - this should be a nice constant flow
  • EXTREMELY versatile being water soluble, but still permanent when dry


  • If you are using uncoated papers or card, the 2mm and 4mm nibs can be a little rough and cause the fibres to tear away or become roughened
  • The Extra Fine nibs can be a little messy around the outside, and you may need to wipe on occasion to keep them clean - I use a baby wipe.
  • Need to shake markers well every time before use to get an even colour
  • If the paint is applied too thickly there can be some extremely fine crackling appear when dry
  • Permanence depends on substrate -  while completely permanent on porous surfaces, on non-porous surfaces (plastic or coated papers) you can remove the paint if you scrub at it with a water brush - so the permanency depends on the surface it is applied to.  

NB : 

  • If you are used to needing to depress the nib on a paint marker to get the paint to flow (a hard habit to break) then there can be a fountain of paint if you do this with the Molotow markers.  This happens  ONLY if you have pressed down on the nib multiple times - which you should not need to do.  I realise this is user error and not the fault of the marker (as it has that special valve) but it's worth mentioning - before you ruin your project.

In summary these are some of the best Paint Markers I've tried so far.  The excellent and consistent flow rates, the versatility, the wide range of colours and the fact I can use these on my mixed media work in so many different ways make them my current favourites.  Hands down the best thing though is their excellent coverage on coated surfaces, the markers don't seem to care what the coating is (paint, dye ink, matt medium, gloss varnish) as long as it is perfectly dry, they glide over the surface like a hot knife through butter - don't get clogged and produce a beautiful even crisp line.  I am happy to recommend these to anyone reading this :)   In case you are wondering, I don't work for Molotow, I didn't get any free product (or anything else) in return for this review - just wanted to share a very cool paint pen with you all :)