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OK you may not have noticed, but for a while now I've been attempting to improve my photography of my projects so you all get a better view of what I'm doing.  It's baby steps and a slow process as I figure out what works for my shaky hands and my not so fancy camera.   A lot of what I do is detailed work - but you've all been missing out on that - so I've been looking at ways to be able to show you more.  

When I upgraded my iPad last year I found (by accident) that it took better close up shots than my camera did, but still not close enough!  So I did a little surfing, waited, did a bit more research and finally a few months ago I spied the olloclip online.  What the heck is an olloclip?  Well it's a little 3rd party lens that you can use with your iPhone, that has 3 lenses in the one unit - one of which is a MACRO lens, another a wide angle and the third a fish eye lens.  It was the lure of a macro lens for the iPhone that started my toes tapping.  





lens system
for your iPhone that fits in your pocket…






Here is the clip that I saw online that made me want one.


Sadly after scouring the Aussie online retailers there was not a one who had the olloclip for iPhone 5 in stock - needless to say I was beyond disappointed :O(  So a-Googling I went and found the manufacturers web site, which had an even more attractive description, plus the promise (if I waited a little) of a special olloclip compatible case.  So I looked around some more (not being very patient) and couldn't find anything better, so I jumped in and I pre-ordered a case and a lens set.  Then I stalked the web site waiting for them to be released - much to my surprise, the company kindly sent these out ASAP even before the final packaging was done and I am now happily using both my case and olloclip (sorry no photos I was too eager to get these out and use them!).

I must confess I'm in love - I've used it a few times now and even as a first time user and even though my hands shake and even WITHOUT a tripod (yes you can attach it to a tripod!!!) - I got amazing photos like this...

Top Hat Steampunk Marci by Sparkle Tart wm 1h
Top Hat Steampunk Marci by Sparkle Tart wm 1h
Top Hat Steampunk Marci by Sparkle Tart wm 1h
Now there is a wee bit of a learning curve,

  • I haven't yet discovered a craft application for the fish eye or wide angle lenses - but give me time,
  • getting good lighting is important or the image can be dull and overly shadowy,
  • your screen protector may not like the abuse from putting the olloclip on and off the iPhone,
  • the flip case is quite stiff for the first 10-15 times you flip it, making it a bit difficult to use, but this loosens up nicely (without becoming too loose) and 
  • when taking photos with the Macro lens, finding the sweet spot for focus takes some fiddling and anything outside this 'sweet-spot' is blurred (which I actually really like).

On the plus side:

  • the flip part of the case becomes a very handy push button for taking photos without having to use the iPhone home button - so the camera remains more stable = clear photos
  • the pro-photo adapter (that comes with the case) lets you mount your phone onto a tripod in landscape or portrait orientation
  • once you've conquered the learning curve, you can photograph your creations like never before, get right up close and personal and show even the smallest details - take macro shots like you have an expensive camera

None of the learning curve issues are a real problem and boy do I love the close up photos I can get with my olloclip!  So expect to be seeing, for the first time, some of the fine detail of what I create - it will be just like you are right there and able to check it out for yourself.  

Just so you know I'm not affiliated in any way with the manufacturer of olloclip nor have I received anything to post this review, I'm just a happy customer :O)