Copic Marker Mermaid
Sea Goddess for LSG September Color Challenge

Make a Wish - Layered Journal Page

This is a project where you will need to stick with me - as it goes through several UGLY phases before the final page is complete.  This is a really versatile technique, you could try this on scrap pages, cards, journal pages or even canvas.  

Before I begin, I have to give a BIG thank you to Mixed Media Art who featured this article on their web site, and a shout out to the beautiful Tracy Verdugo, Tracy's class opened my eyes to the depth that can achieved through layering, and while this page does not follow her process it was absolutely inspired by it.   I was determined after the amazing experience of attending Paint Mojo with Tracy, to find a way to make to large scale canvas ideas work on smaller scale art journal pages, cards and the much smaller projects I love to create.  So without further rambling from me, this is how I have created 'Make a Wish' double page journal spread.

Make a wish FULL 1a wm

Also please note: the shiny paint I used while it looks amazing on the finished page, played havoc with both the camera and video camera while recording this - so my images aren't quite up to scratch :O(

What I've used:

  • Stencils:  The Crafters' Workshop - Mini Punchinella, Mini Flower Garden, Mini Flower Piecing. 
  • Copic Markers - R27, R29, R39, Y32, Y35, Y38 
  • Copic Multi Liners 0.3 & 0.5
  • Golden Fluid Acrylics: Iridescent Gold Deep Fine & Carbon Black
  • Jenni Bowlin Acrylic Paint: Malted Milk & Brown Sugar
  • Adirondack Acrylic Dabber: Watermelon 
  • Molotow Signal White Paint Marker Fine tip
  • Jumbo Zinnia Set (flower stamp) from Stampendous 
  • Create with Abandon stamp from Stampington and Co
  • Gold Foil
  • Stippling brush
  • Ranger's Sticky Embossing Powder
  • Silks Acrylic Glaze in Vavoom Red
  • Liquitex Matt Medium

What I Did:

Draw and colour a simple page of doodles using Copic Multi Liners and Copic Markers - I used R27, R29, R39, Y32, Y35, Y38  and Multi Liners 0.5 & 0.3.  This needn't be some amazing work of art - just background colour.  You can also use copies of previous pages, collage or even magazine photos for this step if you are not a 'doodler'.  Make a colour copy (thanks to the gorgeous Jane Davenport for this pearl of wisdom!) your art onto a piece of paper.  Complete all of the following steps directly onto your original doodle (after scanning or photographing) as well as the facing page - to complete a matching 2 page spread.

Doodles 1c

Cut the copy to size and glue onto facing journal page using Liquitex Matt Medium Gel and leave to dry - coat front and back of copy with Matt Medium for added strength.
Copy your page
Paint Vavoom Red Silks over the darkest Copic coloured areas and let dry, you will find this makes all the other colours appear more vibrant.
Add Vavoom silks glaze
Time to get out those stencils!  Choose 3 patterned stencils and 3 colours of acrylic paint - use one stencil and 1 colour of paint at a time and dry between colours.  
Apply paints through stencil onto page to break up the original pattern.
Crafters workshop stencils
Add colour no 1 (Watermelon) & allow to dry, you can use a heat gun to speed this up.
Ranger Watermelon dabber
Add colour no 2 (Malted Milk) & allow to dry. 
Ranger Malted Milk dabber
Add colour no 3 (Brown Sugar) & allow to dry.
Ranger Brown Sugar dabber

Ink text stamp with Golden Fluid Acrylic Iridescent Gold Deep Fine (I used a sponge to apply the paint) and randomly stamp text onto page.
Create with Abandon stamp

It should look a bit like this - it won't be as crisp as it would be stamped in ink, but you will still get a lovely impression.
Golden fluid acrylic paint

Ink flower stamp with Carbon Black Golden Fluid Acrylic Paint and use this to stamp the flower onto page multiple times.
Stampendous Zinnia stamp

Using Carbon black paint, paint all of the page around flowers, until only the flowers are showing colour.  You may want to draw stems and leaves on before doing this and paint around those as well.   
Leave paint until completely dry.  
Just a note here - the paints I used to add colour are mostly matte which is why I've used a semi- gloss paint for the surrounds, so the difference is greater.  If you don't like the semi-gloss appearance, you could always use a matt black paint or black gesso.
Add carbon black paint

I know I know - I've just painted over most of my background!  It's really an important step though, as without these layers and elements, your flower would look pretty flat and boring.  Have a look at this close up image, you can see each layer that has been added, every colour each layer of paint and it all works together to create something with complexity and interest.

Luscious paint layers
Ink the centre of flower stamp with Versamark ink, using a stamp positioner stamp over flowers and add sticky embossing powder - carefully brush off any excess powder.   

Rangers sticky embossing powder

Heat sticky embossing powder with a heat gun until clear, and while hot add gold foil.  If you don't have these items (foil & sticky e.p.) you may choose to skip this step and embellish the centre of your flower some other way, glitter, paint, gel pen, micro beads etc.
Add gold foil

The gold foil is massively blingy - it may not be to your taste, it turns out looking like this.

Foil equals mega bling

At this stage your page will look fairly unappealing, the colours don't pop, the image is not very defined - this is UGLY stage.  
Don't give up, as the only difference between this and something eye catching is a little white paint!

The ugly phase of a journal page
Use a white gel pen (my preference is the Molotow White extra fine nib) to edge the design in white,  colour the patterns in the centre of the flower, draw around each individual petal, the stems and leaves (if you drew any) and add doodling and text as desired - all in white so that it stands out.  You may need to go over the doodling more than once to make the white really pop.

White Molotow paint marker
And when you look at the 2 pages together, the result is something like this...
doesn't the white gel pen make a difference!

Make a wish FULL 1a wm

I hope you've enjoyed this quick tutorial and that it sparks some ideas for your own creations.  If you prefer to watch this in action - you can see the process in the video below: