Copic Coloured Fairy with Dotted Background
Lindy's Stamp Gang is Retiring some of their colours!

Watercolor Journal Page with Simple 'Art Girl' Dress

OK so I'm taking (ahem) another online class - yes I'm a little bit addicted!   This class is with the fabulously talented Joanne Sharpe and is called Doodle Arts and Letters - it's a heap of fun and if you'd like to doodle more it's well worth the $.  

I've just finished this cute little journal page and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process, as it brought back so many happy memories from my childhood:

racing my brother home from school,
doing headstands until I got dizzy,
dancing in the rain,
might have been a better idea if I hadn't run out of my religious education class to do it and then I wouldn't have gotten in trouble from the nuns!
picking wild daffodills
- which turned out not to be wild but from someones garden (oops)
collecting sea shells on the beach and chasing waves,
making daisy chains with my Mum,
dressing up as Wonder Woman and leaping of fence posts,
my brother was Spider man
playing in my cubby house,
drawing, drawing, drawing
sitting under a boronia bush enveloped in heavenly smells and daydreaming the day away...

 I was a happy little 2nd grader!

2nd gradeart girl wm

The colour on here is all Peerless Watercolours - very yummy!

2nd gradeart girl 1b

The lettering and doodling were done with a 0.3 Copic Multiliner - just divine!

2nd gradeart girl 1b

So many thanks to Joanne for not only a great class, but also for so many wonderful memories.