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Pale Copic Skin Colours No 1

This is my first skin colour swatch for my new Copic Colour Journal.  Now fair warning my colour journal is going to be a little bit eclectic, as I unbound my new X-Press It Blending Journal and combined it with my existing journal - I'm in Copic heaven (will show you his later)!

For this page I'm using one of the free Copic Oz templates which are perfect for recording your favourite colour combos!  I've chosen to break my skin colours into groups eg: Pale skin (eg: Caucasian), Darker skin (African, African American, American Indian etc) and Medium Tones (eg: Asian and tanned/fake tanned), so I can easily compare the combos. The page below is my simple pale skin colour combinations, these are beginner friendly Copic skin colour combinations, all of which are simple combos and have colours which blend easily for guaranteed results.   The only tricky one in the bunch is the very last combo - which takes a little more work to blend than the others.  I've tried to stick to the same cheek colour R20 for most of these, so you can see how different it looks against each of the colours.

Kates Beginner Pale Copic Skin Tones R20 is one of my 'go to' colours for cheeks as it gives beautiful results against most skin combos, now there are 2 ways to use the cheek colour combos, the first method you can see above - which is little round apple cheeks, the second is below where the cheek colours are layered into the skin colours - giving less prominent cheeks. For the page below I used a very cute stamp called New Years Marci from La-La Land Crafts, and stamped her into some circles, I've then stuck some of the Copic Colour Combo templates from Copic Oz next to the images to record my combos in.

Copic skin colour journal 2
I'm planning on having a range of colour combo templates used in my journal as some allow you to fit more ideas on a page, others allow more detailed examples and if I'm honest some are just darn gorgeous, so keep an eye on my blog I'll be sharing as I complete more pages and will be covering eyes, hair, skin, lips, etc.