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Alternative Copic Hair Colour Combinations

This is my first hair colour combo page for my new Copic Colour Journal, I think this page will be the first of many as I'm always on the lookout for new hair colour combinations - I think I might collect them!

For this page I'm using one of the free Copic Oz templates which are perfect for recording your favourite Copic marker combos - they are large enough to get a good look at the colours and small enough to fit heaps of combos on one page!  I'm keeping this simple again, with the motto record the combo before you forget the combo (I know if it takes me too long I probably won't do it)! 

I've chosen to break my hair colours into groups eg: Blonde, Red, Brown, Black and Alternative, in case you couldn't guess, the page below is my funky alternative hair colour combinations, soooo much fun to create.  I can't decide if I like the pink best, the purple or the pale white blonde on the lower right corner that I call Daenerys Targaryen - yes my inner-nerd is showing here :)

  Alternative hair colour combos copicIf you are looking for more fabulous hair colour combos for your Copic coloured images, why not pop over to the Copic Oz blog where Edna is sharing some super gorgeous dark hair colours, or over to Kathy's blog as she has some fabulous light hair colour combos for you all as well!

I'm planning on having a range of Copic colour combo templates used in my journal as some allow you to fit more ideas on a page, others allow more detailed examples and if I'm honest some are just for fun 'cause they are so pretty!  So keep an eye on my blog I'll be sharing more pages and will be covering eyes, hair, skin, lips, etc.

And don't forget that over on the Copic Oz blog you can find the free hair templates to use in your Copic Colour Journal / X-Press It Blending Journal in both Portrait and Landscape and the current inLinkz competition where you get a chance to win one of the new Copic Blending Journals by using the templates provided.