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Playing with faces

I wish I had taken a before and after photo of this face, it was a heartbeat away from being covered in gesso when I picked up a watercolour pencil (sepia) and started to 'play' with the original - I erased the short bob hair, made the eyes larger and the rest is basically the same.  I have to thank my Mum for this one, she liked the original face and it's the only reason I didn't start over - I hope she likes this version as much :O)

Watercolour face
So far all I have done is add some background colour - ready to work on it more with pencils.  I need to even up the eyes, pupils and lips - but I think I'm almost happy with it.  You can also see I need serious practise using wet on wet watercolours - the lips bled into the surrounding paper badly - but I think I can work with that.  I also drew the outline for hair and then filled in the space with Fibre Paste from Golden - I can't wait to see how that turns out :O)  Will share the page once finished....