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Copic Grunge Splatter Background using Colorless Blender

Today I will be playing with Copic backgrounds using your Copic Various Inks and Copic Colorless Blending Fluid.  As usual you can use these ideas and adapt them for cards or pages and the beauty of these backgrounds is that they are just so versatile!  You could die cut this to use on a project, use it as a layer or even stamp directly onto this using an oil based ink pad like Archival ink, to create a simple but stunning card.  This technique can also be used on clear acetate for fabulous results and looks simply beautiful when used as an accent panel.

What you will need:

  • Glossy Cardstock
  • Non-stick Craft Sheet or Baking paper (the waxed variety)
  • Copic Various Inks (I used V28, V06, V17)
  • Copic Colorless Blending Fluid

What I did:

You will need: several colours of Various Ink, Colorless Blending Fluid, a non-stick craft sheet or waxed baking paper and glossy or coated cardstock.

Copic grunge splatter background 1a

Drip about 5 drops of each colour (I used V28, V06, V17) onto the craft sheet, making sure the droplets no not touch. Copic grunge splatter background 1a

Add a little of the Colorless Blending Fluid to a mini mister, and spritz ink on craft sheet  - this is very important, if you forget to spritz you will end up with 'spots' of intense colour.  Spritzing ensures the colours move and blend a little.
Copic grunge splatter background 1a

Make sure you only spritz a little, add too much and your colours will be very pale.  As a rough guide - I used 4-5 pumps of the mini mister nozzle.
Copic grunge splatter background 1a

Place card glossy side down, onto the ink drops, then press down gently with fingers to make sure you have contact.   I like to then drag the card through the ink to pick up the colour.
Copic grunge splatter background 1a

Turn card over to check the coverage you have achieved, you may like to leave the white areas, I prefer to keep swiping the card through the remaining ink until most of the white is covered.
Copic grunge splatter background 1a

When your card looks something like this you are ready for the final step.
Copic grunge splatter background 1a

Spritz some of the Colorless Blending Fluid onto the tips of your fingers.
Copic grunge splatter background 1a

 Then 'flick' the blending fluid onto your card, the more fluid on your fingers the larger the droplets, for finer droplets either flick with more force or use less blending fluid.  I like to have a mix of large and finer droplets.  Wait about 1 minute for the pattern to fully develop before deciding if you want to add any more blending fluid.
Copic grunge splatter background 1a

I consider my background complete when it looks a bit like this.
Copic grunge splatter background 1a

 or if you're more of a YouTube person you can watch this technique step by step here, in the clip I have used different colours and give a tip on what to do with any left over ink!