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Fan Friday - Vickie Hallmark

Fan Friday

Welcome to the very first Fan Friday post!I'm so excited to share the myriad of inspiring blogs, people, colours and ideas that I gain so much from on a daily basis.  These are not shared in any particular order and are vastly ecclectic, so don't be suprised by anything you see on Fan Friday posts.  I decided to create this continuing segment in response to the huge popularity of my Most Artistically Inspiring People series, which even all this time later I am getting comments on.  Its time I shared some of the amazing talent and give a little credit to the artists who inspire me.  So without any further babbling from me - my very first Fan Friday Feature is....

Sticky with icky Sticky with Icky blog - by Vicky Pass

Vicky makes the most beautiful cards and her Copic colouring is simply divine!  Vicky is on several Design Teams, provides inspiration and tutorials as well as her own card sketch ideas.   I find Vivky inspiring on so may levels, her card designs are layered and creative (I can't wait to try a few of them), her embellishments are beautifully coordinated, her designs and ideas are wonderfully original, but the thing I admire the most is her mastery of light and shade (something I still struggle with).
These are a few of my favourite cards that Vicky has created recently.  Just look at the skirt on this image, the folds, the colours and her super smooth colouring of the skin - it really brings the image to life.

Sticky with icky
Created by Vicky Pass

 The purple folds Vicky has on this creation are just amazing, the addition of such dark areas emphasises the lighter spots, making the colour so life like and vibrant - I just love it! 

Sticky with icky 3
Created by Vicky Pass

I highly encourage you to check out Vicky's blog Sticky with Icky, if you love beautiful cards or Copic markers you are sure to love it.