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Fan Friday - Vickie Hallmark

For today's Fan Friday I am sharing a truly multi-talented artist who I find completely inspiring - Vickie Hallmark creates journal pages which are truly beautiful to behold and  jewelry to die for - you can find her work on her blog, Flickr, Pinterest and Facebook.


I had a very difficult time figuring out what to share from Vickie's art - there are just so many beautiful and inspiring pieces, finally I just went with my favourites - it seems we share a love of birds :O)  Can you believe how beautiful this bracelet is, each bird is different, it's all so delicate - I would be thrilled to wear something so amazing, I bet it's current owner loves it!

Hallmark 5 Moons bracelet dark 1000x500
Bracelet by Vickie Hallmark


Amber treetop front
Bead by Vickie Hallmark

This are just two examples of Vickie's amazing journal pages, although the background colours just sing, the birds practically leap from the pages, the swirls and bold black lettering that is so 'Vickie' seem to suit so beautifully.

Bird experience
Journal page by Vickie Hallmark

To see more of these amazing bird journal pages check out Vickie's Flickr pages.and her bird a week posts.

  P 2 small

I really love the way Vickie outlines the birds in sketchy pen strokes, it really makes it pop from the page, this, plus the combination of bold lettering and amazingly coloured backgrounds combine to make pages which I find truly inspirational and I can't wait to try something in this style.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of Vickie's work,