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Colour your own glitter

Do you like glitter?  For me the answer is a total YES - sadly the budget doesn't stretch to owning one of every colour, but luckily I found a way to get any colour I want using 3 simple ingredients and create an almost endless variety of colours!  Interested... then read on.

What you will need:

Fairy Dust Glitter from ClearSnap and Donna Salazar - I like to use Sugar Shimmer, but you can use any pale glitter you own (the dry sort not Stickles).

Fairy Dust Glitter
A Glad Bag or other ziplock bag, I like to use either the mini or small sandwich size bags.

Glad bag
and lucky last an Alcohol based ink, you could use Ranger Alcohol Inks, Piniata inks or my personal favourite Copic Various inks.

CopicMarker VARIOUS

What I did:

  1. Pour a small amount of glitter into the snap lock bag - enough for your project and maybe a little extra.
  2. Add 3-5 drops of alcohol ink into the bag (amount will vary with how much glitter you are colouring) I coloured 3 teaspoons of glitter with 7 drops of ink.Uvs121002-003
  3. Seal the bag carefully and using your fingers massage the alcohol ink into the glitter.Uvs121002-005
    You have mixed the glitter and ink enough when it looks nice and evenly coloured like this (mine appears black because I used Black alcohol ink - I wanted to create Halloween glitter :O). Uvs121002-008
  4. Pour glitter carefully into a small container - leave the lid off for 10 mins to ensure the alcohol has all evaporated and it is now ready to use. Uvs121002-011

If you're more of a learn by watching type, you can see me do this in the YouTube clip below:

Neat idea huh - why not give it a try and let me know how this works for you!